The 25 Funniest Internet Reactions to E3 2012 Video Games
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The 25 Funniest Internet Reactions to E3 2012

E3 2012 jokes overpowered a lot of the actual news this year. With Nintendo revealing very little and spending a lot of time on games that weren't very highly anticipated, or just focusing on the family market instead of trying to recapture the hardcore gaming base, Sony having pretty much nothing to offer and XBox once again focusing on Kinect, 2012's E3's Tweets, Reddit posts, 4Chan rants and E3 presentation photoshops were what the internet heard more of than any of the actual announcements. Ubisoft had by far the best presentation and had a hand in some of the greatest things at the 2012 E3 conference.

So from the brutal to the favorable here are the funniest E3 jokes and best overall E3 2012 internet reactions. Click here for E3 2011 internet reactions

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    Why XBox Really Had Usher Perform

  2. 2

    A 2011 Joke That Still Works Today

  3. 3

    Watch Dogs for Wii Fit

    One of the most ridiculed presentations of the entire conference was Nintendo's new Wii Fit game that introduced the world to a game that you can literally play with your butt.

    Watch Dogs was easily the most well-received new game of the conference. It looks damn fun and might actually live up to the hype eventually.

    And then someone mashed them up.

    This goes along with the general sentiment that Nintendo stiffed the gaming world at E3. This .gif sums it up perfectly:

    (by kami77M)

  4. 4

    The Blue Yoshi

  5. 5

    People Experience An Overload Of Features

    Microsoft/XBox released an entire slew of new features and announcements that it would soon be possible to control your XBox from your phone, tablet and more. People went nuts.

    (via user skydart)

    What Microsoft expects of people, apparently

    (via user tattyboain9les)

    Playstation Network subscribers feel differently...

  6. 6

    Nintendo’s E3 Conference Shows Us The Future

    (via Reddit user isotropy)

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