The 25 Greatest Pool FAILs of All Time Anything
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The 25 Greatest Pool FAILs of All Time

These people are the reason why all public places have stupid signs. From skidded knees, to belly flops, to near-death experiences, here are the twenty-five greatest pool fail videos of all time.

The people on this list are slipping, flopping, and splashing their way into mortifying moments.
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    Girl + Drugs + Pool + Techno + Europe

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    Before you kick your feet up for a lazy summer day of poolside drinking, E-dropping, and heroin mainlining, watch this video. It may make you think twice.

    The best part is that at some point, she picks her wedgie during the video – you know, to preserve her dignity.

    This girl/living trainwreck starts her own private rave in this video, and just goes to teach us the age old lesson: white people can't dance.

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