animals The 25 Greatest Videos of Animals OWNING Kids  

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When it comes to animals, kids are just asking for it. They don't know to respect the beasts of this world and, more importantly, they don't know that at any point, these beasts are waiting to gladly OWN them. So, because some of the best videos on the internet feature animals vs. kids, here are the 25 best videos of animals completely OWNING kids.

How often do animals OWN kids? Not very so when animals get their revenge, it's pretty funny, at least to bystanders. As long as it isn't your kids getting attacked, it's great. These 25 videos will make you laugh, cry, cringe and squirm all at the same time. 

Dog Treats Kid Like They're On Their Third Date

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This is what happens when kids don't learn the traditional Golden Retriever mating dance as a preventative measure. This kid was asking for it.

And as any avid gamer will tell you, when you are in the zone, you are in the zone, as illustrated by
this kid, who keeps soldiering on playing video games, while Mr. Bojangles does the same.

Karate Kid Vs. Chicken Little

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His Snake Style is no match for the power of the Chicken Scratch.

Despite all claims, the kid's sweet moves does nothing to impress this chick.

Dogs Like Balls

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This dog may look strange, what with its ears taped up and its tail cut off, but don't be fooled, he is a laser guided pain machine designed only for one purpose: destroying this kid's hope for f*ture children.

Side note: You have to wonder about the parenting skills of the guy behind the camera. Not only does he show the dog his mark, but laughs while his son is ever so slightly mauled. "Slightly mauled".

Mortal Kombat Cat Vs. Baby

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It isn't fair to judge a baby, but still. It only takes one hit to know him down? C'mon, baby, man up (even though you're a baby)!

Either that cat is amazingly strong, or this kid is a complete wimp. Go cry to mommy, you little baby! Alright, this isn't having its intended effect.

Cat Face Plants Baby

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Video: YouTube
Cat: "hey baby, I could take any other way to where I'm going, and my destination isn't terribly important, either, I just want to remind you who's in charge".

Paranormal Activity Dog Drags Boy To His Doom

This is footage of the Paranormal Activity 4: Going to the Dogs.

All you need to do is change the lighting to "creepy green" and you have a hit.

Cats Hate Gingers

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What most people don't realize is that this is the first time the eternal, cats versus red-heads struggle, has been caught on tape. This is an internet classic and deserves to be. This cat came out of NOWHERE.

Is it a hate crime? Sure, but at least it's hilarious.

Dog Twists Up Kids Head

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Some one get this dog an agent. I think we found the star of Air Bud: Puck You.

The best part is probably when the kid starts crying and saying he can't breathe and all the camera person does is laugh. Ah humanity.