The 25 Hottest Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of 2012 People
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The 25 Hottest Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of 2012

Every single day of every single year, the crew at hooks us up with a different non-nude (non-nude as in, nothing you couldn't show on cable... most of the time) hottie. So, since it gets pretty daunting to keep up with them all, here's the year's roundup in the hottest, greatest and most memorable "Spank Bank" posts by GorillaMask this year (so far).

These are the best ones from 2012.

Happy 2013 due to an awesome 2012 to the Spank Bank, the only bank that won't charge you for not making enough deposits.

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    Jenna B

    Jenna B chooses to identify herself on Gorillamask's Spank Bank the same way a substitute teacher would if there were multiple Jennas in the class. She's not even the MAIN Jenna.

    Look at her. How could she not be the main Jenna?

    Here are pictures of her all wet with pigtails in a bikini sucking on a popsicle.

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    Megan has one of my favorite faces in Gorillamask Spank Bank history and it's always nice to see her pop up, mainly because she looks like a lot of fun. 

    She really looks like fun to date. She's like an all-white Sasha Grey that tans a little. She's perfect. 

    I'm going to marry her, so get ready for her new model face to be a mixture of sadness, regret and "acting".

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    Natasha Belle

    Natasha Belle is a hottie that was featured again this holiday season and was actually part ofthe round-up that covered the first half of 2012. Good to see her back! 

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    Ashley C

    Ashley C probably had to pick that name due to the overwhelming amount of Ashleys at her elementary school, and then it just stuck. 

    Speaking of stuck, in the set that got her on this list she's wearing two bras. TWO BRAS. Her breasts are that powerful. That's the lingerie equivalent of boarding up a bank safe during an apocalypse. It'll help, but in the end we all know what's going to happen (everyone will die). 

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    Liz Asset

    Liz Asset really tries to show off her namesake (her pet lizards). Here she is resting her hands upon her mighty breasts.

    I just called them mighty and now we both feel weird. 

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    Kaitlynn is the kind of hot that you could actually go on a "date" with. Now, "date" is in quotes because it would just be a casual hangout for her after the dude she's banging cancels on her. You go thinking it's a date and you have an amazing day where she calls you "like a brother" at the end.

    Is this sh*t too real? Yeah? That's because that's what Kaitlynn would do to you. Have fun using your tears for lube.

    Sidenote: that is the cleanest, non-dusty steering wheel ever.

    Click here for the full set of one of the hottest real-looking girls to ever hit the Spank Bank where she wears a shirt that she doesn't seem to have wanted to wear all the way.

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