The 25 Hottest Love Interests from Superhero Movies and TV People
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The 25 Hottest Love Interests from Superhero Movies and TV

In honor of Anne "One of the Hottest Women Alive" Hathaway being cast as one of the most iconic superhero love interests of all time, Selina Kyle, in The Dark Knight Rises, here are all of the hottest women who have ever played a girlfriend, wife or random hook-up of a superhero in a film or TV show ranked by how hot they were as their character. 

Who are the hottest superhero girlfriends? This isn't batgirl xxx, but these are definitely the best superhero love interests in movie and TV history.

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    Better known as Batgirl from the Batman television series of the 60s, Yvonne Craig goes down as the single hottest Batgirl in Batman history (not including Lexi Belle who played Batgirl in 2010's Batman XXX, of course).

    To be respectful, this woman really gave Barbara Gordon the spunk she deserves as a character, and also made Batgirl into a character considered as "sexy." She wasn't just someone to be captured who jumped around looking hot, she actually had some WHAMs and THWACKs to offer. It was wonderfully played by an awesome actress who also played a green alien in Star Trek.

    Yvonne Craig also showed us all, as children, the beauty of something that most men know and love very well: the nipple poke.

    There's no doubt in anyone's head right now exactly what she looks like topless. And that is glorious.

    Hats off to a classically beautiful woman playing a classy and beautiful Batgirl.

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