The 25 Hottest Pictures of Naked Gamer Girls Wearing Games

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Now, some of these chicks may be models and others may be hardcore gamers, but all of them are hot. There's something about great, near-nude girls wearing the "video game bikini", i.e. covering themselves up with video game controllers, consoles, cartridges, keyboards or even discs. So, all in one place, here are the hottest pictures of naked girls and video games from around the internet.

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  1. 1

    The Motherload

    This is the motherload. WIth more systems, games, accessories and controllers than you can count, and bonafied gamer girl (verified by the geek community, as directed by the President of the United States) Jo Garcia, this pretty much wins in my book.

    I mean, look at those heels, amirite fellas?

    (via Kotaku)

  2. 2

    License to Kill Ducks

    This hot gamer girl holding a Nintendo lightgun and strategically covering up her secret shame with her hair can be found on (NSFW), where they also have videos of gamer girls talking to you and more nude galleries of hot nerdy chicks.

    I don't know this girl's name, but I bet this is the last shot from a set that started out with her dressed as Captain N. What? I have weird fantasies and so do you.

  3. 3

    Emo Girl's Gameboy Color is Feeling Blue

    "I'm so sad because my NES controller is unusable and my Gameboy ran out of batteries".

    Epic pillows under those games. Think about the perspective. The Gameboy is just covering her nipples and those things are actually pretty damn big.

    You could probably adequately cover each one of those bad boys (girls?) with an entire PS3, though. Someone should send her one. For science.

  4. 4

    What Game Is In The Genesis?

    This is a hot naked blonde girl smiling at you with a bunch of video games around her. We've got that.

    But what game is that in the Genesis? This is either going to kill me or it is going to haunt me until the day I die or both.

    EDIT: Not only did this fine young lady write us in to let me know that the game in the Sega Genesis = Toe Jam and Earl, which is important since this is the only time that game has ever made someone more sexually attractive, but she made it clear that she's actually a real gamer.

    And with that, she moves up a spot in the list because a girl that feels the need to clear up that detail is one that is close to not only my heart, but to other parts of the human body that take up an insane amount of blood flow. Cheers to her!

  5. 5

    Horribly Uncomfortable Pillows

    It's gonna take this girl like 45 minutes to plug all those systems back in. Also, her keyboard doesn't seem to have any letters/numbers on it which most likely means she's from the f*ture. The admirable part is that she has one of those awesome clear cases for Nintendo cartridges.

    No idea why she included her Speak N' Spell, but she's got an Atari, a Super Nintendo, NES (with cartridges), looks like she has the original Legend of Zelda (important), a Sega Genesis with controllers, and a Pikachu coming out of her hoo ha.

    Plus points for being an insanely hot redhead, minus points for a severely unimaginative use of the light gun.

    For shame.

  6. 6

    No! MY TURN!

    This is the only acceptable way to keep both controllers from someone. Either that or she's falling behind on Contra and doesn't want to watch you play through the levels alone because you're most likely going to die.

    Any way you slice it, she needs to give the other one back. If you stare at this picture for more than 30 seconds you'll want to reach in and grab it from her. If she can't keep up during the bosses it's her own damn fault.

  7. 7

    Home Entertainment System

    Sure, this may seem slightly on the "degrading" side of Sears, but it's kind of BDSM-y, much like most of this "genre" of hot picture is. It fits right in.

    I got my TV stand, that holds my 300 lb. television (it has a big screen, okay?) literally off the street in front of my apartment. I'm always scared it's going to finally give in and that the television will crush all game systems in its wake.

    My point is, this girl cannot possibly hold this up long enough for a Smash Brothers tournament to even be half done.

    Impractical... but I'll take two (in case one gives, obviously).

  8. 8

    Playstation Underwear (with Control)!

    Remember the time when people were camping out, getting into fights and losing sleep, and possibly thousands of dollars for a PS3? Yeah, well now it's the f*ture, and hot girls who look like cyborgs that are about to shoot at you with their laser eyes use them for underwear now.

  9. 9

    Guitar Hero World Tour Expansion Pack: Hot Naked Chick Edition

    Ah, I remember when Guitar Hero made its last game and they started liquidating all their assets by having all kinds of crazy sales, like DLC exclusives, hot naked Asian chicks and different stickers for your guitars.

    I went for the stickers, which was probably a good idea since I hear the hot chicks are pretty expensive to maintain and the DLC was really lackluster.

  10. 10

    It's Time to Tilt Your Neck to the Left

    You're welcome. Now to the right. There we go, now you can continue leaning on your left hand.

    This girl uses the light gun perfectly to line up her curves and uses the controller cords for an awesome bikini effect and made the controllers meet perfectly to cover up her two Donkey Kongas.

    Ten points for her. Ten, I say. God damn.

    The weirdest part is that you have to imagine those things coming off of her, and when you do, if you're anything like me (in which case, I'm very, very sorry), you're concerned about damaging the integrity of the Nintendo cords. Those things aren't that easy to come by nowadays and our children need to learn to game properly.

  11. 11

    Japanese Game Covering Up Real Game, Bra Looks Fake

    This bra looks like it belongs to a real doll. I'm convinced that this is most likely a real doll. Either way, the lonely dude that owns the real doll (and probably owns like 100 of them like the guy at the top of this list) put her in a really awesome pose.

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of getting a new game. When you pick it up and unwrap it, it's like you're starting a new adventure, one that will take you a while and that will change you. Now imagine that if picking up that game also revealed a hot girl's wonder-regions.


  12. 12

    Future Girl

    This one's for all the PC gamers out there. This girl's so hardcore that her keys light up and yes, this could just be her brother's keyboard, but if that were the case, then why would she be wearing gamer glasses (it's not like scrolling through Facebook is that taxing on the eyes, especially not if her friends look anything like her) and those are some actually pretty solid headphones.

  13. 13

    She's That Person That Actually Used All the Stickers

    Who used ANY of the guitar hero stickers that weren't the cool little skulls? Apparently, she did. Anyway, ridiculously hot girl there, but I'll bet you five bucks she plays on Medium.

  14. 14

    No Pants Revoultion

    Former suicide girl Lenox is shown here wearing two Gamecube controllers, a Playstation 2 controller and lying on a DDR pad which can only mean one thing: not one of her systems is playable right now.

    What the hell were the other people in the room doing while these pictures were being taken, playing iPhone games? What is this, the bank?

    Either way, it's admirable that the controllers she had at her disposal were for more classic system, as these pictures (from a set called Final Fantasy I) were taken in 2005. Either way, god damn.

  15. 15

    She Has Better Taste in Music Than You

    This alt looking girl is wearing knee high socks, which is all that's really necessary (other than her PSP) for her to be on this list.

    The most infuriating/awesome part: someone got to take this picture... and then browse Reddit while she played her game.

    She and her man really need to communicate better.

  16. 16

    What If the Sega Genesis Was a Magnet?

    ... And it was pinning her to the wall, and trying to choke/more her Evil Dead style, but all anyone wanted to do was take a picture of it?

    That's horrible. People these days...

  17. 17

    The Most Popular Video Game Bikini on the Internet

    This has got to be the most famous of these, and arguably one of the few that started it all.

    The pigtails, the feather, or maybe the fact that she's the only girl on this list that looks like she's less than half an hour away from actually playing a freakin video game, or maybe it's the insanely provocative pose, but something about this has struck a chord with the internet.

    There are more games bhind her and this girl is on an awesome couch. Maybe it's from a porn set? Maybe it's Maybelline and perhaps it's just one of the first times people realized that chicks using video games as clothing was even possible, but man, what a great achievement in internet history.

    Hats off to the whole team on this one!

  18. 18

    What If This Is the Nintendo 64 Kid's Sister All Grown Up?

    I do not remember her well enough to confirm this, as it is an out-of-nowhere speculation that is most likely wrong (and I sure as hell am not going back and looking at that adorable video with the idea of "is this that topless chick?"), but it'd be crazy if it was.

    The sad part: it means that this would be a hand-me-down from her little brother who, eventually, grew out of the Nintendo 64, which makes him more of a man than you and I will ever be.

    *Plays a song on the Ocarina while holding a Golden Gun*

  19. 19

    Uh... Your Turn is Coming Up

    So, the girl on the left with the superior butt is clearly owning in this one because 1. they're drunk (look by the TV, yeah, there's a TV there it scared me at first too) and 2. the girl on the right has a note coming up in less than a second and her hands are resting comfortably at her hips.

    I wonder what song they're playing.

    Man, that blonde girl should really pick up her guitar.

  20. 20

    Porn Stars Loved Guitar Hero

    I could've made a whole list of porn stars playing Guitar Hero, and this picture is further evidence to the fact that yes, they do. I wonder how the porn star community took the whole transfer to Rock Band thing. I hope they're okay.

    Anyway, this is one of those girls with nude sets of her allllll around the internet, and although I can't seem to find her name, this picture is probably the greatest one of her ever taken (without glasses).

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