The 27 Constitutional Amendments Explained in Movies

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Explaining the 27 amendments of the US Constitution by highlighting some of the best Constitution movies, with videos, for each of the Constitutional Amendments. Besides the freedoms promised in the Constitution, Americans have a lot to be proud of. Our BBQ is some of the most flavorful in the world. We were the first country to send people to the moon. We somehow managed to carve images of our favorite presidents on the side of a freaking MOUNTAIN, and I'm still not sure how that works. Three more words: Toddlers. And. Tiaras. But beyond all these other achievements, two aspects of American life really are the envy of the world: our Constitution and our Hollywood film industry.

What are the greatest movies about the Constitution? This list of movies on Amendments pairs a film clip with each article of our Bill of Rights, the cornerstone of our American understanding of freedom, and then all the other amendments to our Constitution over the years. Mainly, these films will highlight the dire importance of these rights and restrictions, but sometimes they will simply relate to the discussion in a tangential way, because a lot of these amendments are kind of odd and obscure.
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