The Absolute Worst Pictures of Men Holding Cats

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There is nothing more glorious than a man with a cat... except a man with a cat in an awful picture. These are 29 of the worst pictures of men with cats in Internet history, and they range from laughable to downright cringe worthy. If you've ever wondered what would happen if you put a naked man and a cat together for a photo session, there is an answer to your deeply disturbed thoughts in this list of the worst photos of men with cats.

These weird men with cats are here to brighten your day with their tasteful cat portraits and creative use of kittens. Honestly, I have no idea what compelled these guys to say, "hey, I'm going to take pictures with cats today," but they did, and the creepy cat pictures that resulted are breathtaking. In all your Internet searches for funny cats and cute cat photos, you probably never imagined you'd stumble upon a collection of cat photos featuring weird men. And yet, here it is. You're welcome. These pics of guys with cats will definitely blow you away.

There's an awkward selfie with a giant cat, a big, hairy man with kittens, and a punk rocker with a cat. These aren't even pictures of celebrities with cats, these are just good old regular people with kittens and cats of all kinds who felt like incorporating some furry friends into their photos. For (fur?) real, any man with cats in his photos is already kind of a big deal, but these are just some of the best worst pictures of a man and a cat you can ever conceive. In the history of cats and the Internet, there have never been ugly men with kittens quite as compelling as these gentlemen with cats.
Collection Photo: J Skis, Twitter
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