The 31 Greatest On-Stage Falls of All Time Bands/Musicians
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The 31 Greatest On-Stage Falls of All Time

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Literally fallen. Like on the stage, off the stage, into the audience; these musicians and performers give new meaning to falling from the top. Whether it was the result of a complicated dance move, debris on the stage, or a result of old age, there are myriad musicians who have tumbled on and off the stage while performing.

Which singers have fallen on stage? Here's a list of the world's biggest rock stars falling. These stage accidents range from Madonna falling to Bono's stage fall, to Taylor Swift, Joaquin Phoenix, Britney Spears and even the most recent fall from Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.
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    Madonna (Again)

    Madonna graces this illustrious list not once, but twice. Even her Hulk-like arms can't save her from the dangers of being on stage in a badass poncho.

    What makes this fall better than the many others the world's pop stars have endured? Well, because those falls are usually caused by tripping, slipping, or the occasional rogue sound cable. In this video, Madonna fell backwards due to the SHEER POWER OF HER CAPE.

    Do the Brit Awards give out trophies for "Least Graceful Fall Caused by a Gigantic Cloak"? Madonna's got that one on lock.
  2. 2
    In October of 2008, Katy Perry was singing her hit dude-bait song "I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It)" at MTV’s Latin America Awards in Guadalajara, Mexico, when she decided to land on top of a cake as opposed to jump out of one, because you know, that's a lot more empowering and stuff.

    This is easily one of the best falls on this list because she falls repeatedly, tries to get up and people are cheering, because people are nice. Then she falls again and people stay quiet because they realize it's embarrassing. Then she falls a THIRD time and people start laughing their asses off.

    There's only so many times you can count on the politeness of strangers before you're outed as a complete jackass.

  3. 3
    During their song titled "SOS" (for anyone playing the drinking game of ironic songs to get hurt to, feel free to drink now), Joseph Jonas, of The Jonas Clones, slips and falls on shattered glass at the 2007 America Music Awards, and cuts his hand quite badly, just as a resounding "Hell Yes" was felt across the Internet, at the same time that the video was being recorded.

    Nobody knows why they felt so great at that moment, but when it happened, millions of sound-minded Americans of all shapes, colors and sizes felt a little kick of joy in that moment. And isn't that what life is all about?

    This video is made by a HUGE (both literal and figurative) fan. After they explain what happened to Joe Jonas, a rush of teen girls rushes the stage in this video, which kind of reminded us of that one scene in the Lion King. You know the one.

    This video also now has this song stuck in our heads (click here for the non-Jonas song now stuck in your head) .
  4. 4
    Jennifer Lopez (a.k.a. JLo, a.k.a., Root of All Evil, a.k.a. Jenny From The Block, a.k.a. Big Butt McKee) took a spill during her performance at the 2009 American Music Awards.

    She was walking on top of a bunch of bent over dancers like they were steps (much like she does to migrant workers in her private home in Hell) and got to the front of the stage where she jumped off of one.

    She then fell backward flat on her ass and, to the audience's surprise, didn't fly through the ceiling, but(t) actually ended up on her feet like Jackie Chan would.

    Either way, a pretty great spill and a short-and-sweet video.
  5. 5
    Showing us once again, the bigger (headed) they are, the harder they fall; Bono takes a fall on stage at about 00:13 (lead-up), while walking backwards in a Miami show in 2001, during the opening night of the tour. That couldn't have been good luck.

    We can't all be Michael Jackson.
  6. 6
    It all went down during a performance of "Love in an Elevator" (8/17/2010) – first, Aerosmith frontman (and "American Idol" judge) Steven Tyler playfully bumped lead guitarist Joe Perry. Perry then retaliated by bumping Tyler right back ... sending him FACE FIRST into the crowd (see the video to your left).

    This just kind of goes to show that maybe Steven Tyler should sing "Love in an Elevator" from a chair while wearing a helmet and body-pads every August, because his famous fall where he suffered more serious injuries went down on 8/06/2009 during, you guessed it, "Love in an Elevator."

    The one in 2009 happened when Tyler fell while entertaining the crowd by dancing around as the sound crew replaced a fuse that blew during "Love in an Elevator", where Tyler was apparently livin' it up while he was goin' down.

    Tyler suffered head, neck and shoulder injuries and the band postponed its next show altogether. Click here for that first fall.
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