The 30 Hottest Women of Native American Descent People
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The 30 Hottest Women of Native American Descent

In honor of the Thanksgiving season, and the original inhabitants of this great country, here are the 30 hottest women of all ages and sizes who are of some Native American descent. We couldn't find their spirit animals on Wikipedia, but we're assuming they're foxes, minxes and possibly, just possibly, the double-breasted hot chick.
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    Demi Moore has been insanely hot for over 30 years. For that alone, she deserves a spot on most "Hottest" lists. BUT, in case you were born in the last decade (if that is the case, please stop reading this list and go play outside instead of what you're doing right now, which is disgusting -- what would your gran gran think?), Demi Moore is known for her starring roles in such classic films as Ghost, A few Good Men, Disclosure, being married to Bruce Willis forever and currently dating Ashton Kutcher.

    She is of Cherokee heritage and will never age. Ever. And even though Ashton Kutcher cheated on her with a total hottie, Demi Moore could probably do things to you that you could never imagine, and after she did, it's all you would do (Team Demi!... What? I care about these things.)

    The leader of the pack, Demi is what some would call an Uber-Cougar, which is also most likely her spirit animal (being the Alpha and all).
    We are so glad that Demi is on Twitter. She also has the most profound tweets.
    Here's Demi showing off her legs. Don't think, just soak it in.
    Of course we couldn't do a tribute to Demi's hotness without some Charlie's Angels action.

    Born: 1962
    Birthplace: Roswell, New Mexico, United States of America
    Profession: Songwriter, Television producer, Film Producer, Model, Actor + 2 more
    Institution: Fairfax High School
    Height: 5'4"
    Demi Moore : see more

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