The 31 Most Epic Fat Guys in Internet History Anything
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The 31 Most Epic Fat Guys in Internet History

However you feel about obesity and its effect on society, you will be hard-pressed to find funnier things on the internet than these fat guys and their exploits. Are these fat guy videos and pictures funnier because they're fat? Yes. Resolutely, yes. However, many of these funny fat guy pictures would be just as funny if they had skinny guys. Hahaha, no they wouldn't.

This list is dedicated to the heaviest hitters in viral internet history, which is a horrible way to say that the following list will detail the greatest, most memorable and therefore epic fat males from popular viral videos, pictures and memes. From the beginning of the viral web with the Star Wars Kid and the Numa Numa Guy, to that guy who ate 40 pizza rolls and the guy from the Butthurt Dweller meme.

Here are the greatest fat guys in internet history.
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    The Fat Man at the Computer

    This is the most often used, widespread, recognizable singular picture of an unknown fat guy on the internet. He's one of the oldest viral images in internet history, as well as one of the first results when you Google "fat guy". He's been used for various jokes, emotions and proofs that you're not talking to real girls online for YEARS.

    And because of his stature, and the fact that it's probably just a picture taken of some guy happily using his ball-roll mouse on Windows ME on CompuServe on a Compaq Presario, he gets the #1 spot. Because he's innocent, was probably just having fun, and has now been seen (and ridiculed) by millions of people across the web.

    He probably had to shave his beard and put a shirt on. I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves.

    BONUS: The happy version of him, that you see just as often now around the web, the happy fat guy with a computer. He's actually fixing a computer. He's young, so most people assume he's the other fat guy's son, but I say that's racist. Racist because of facts.

    Also, this guy:

  2. 2

    The Numa Numa Guy

    Famous for his lipdub video to a then-unknown song called Dragostea din tei by the band O-Zone, the pre-Keenan Kahill YouTube lip syncer named Gary Brolsma became known as "The Numa Numa Guy" around the internet in the early days of the viral web.

    After only three months of being up, the video had over three million views and people not only mimicked what he did, but loved him for it. The viral video has since earned him appearances on Weezer videos, traditional media outlets and internet fame that will pretty much last him the rest of his life.

    Initially he didn't want attention for this embarrassing video of him leaking out to millions upon millions of viewers, but like all YouTube celebrities, he now embraces his newly found fame.

    He was featured in a Geico commercial lip syncing to another song in 2009 (way to be timely, Geico) and has since appeared in various commercials and music videos referencing nothing but that one time that people thought what he did was funny on the internet.

    He's generally a nice fellow though so here's to making a bit of scratch on the side for acting like a fool on the internet.

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    Butthurt Dweller

    The Butthurt Dweller meme features an unsightly young male who likely has never been with a woman, but sure likes to judge them as often as his popular image macro meme will allow. Smug, delusional and never one to pass up an extra helping of butter, the Butthurt Dweller can be easily found playing videos games, tralling Reddit or watching adult films in his mother's basement at any given time.

    The Butthurt Dweller is a special kind of person who can form a reasonable opinion of something without knowing a single thing about it. Women, religion, music and everything in between is fair game for criticism, deserved or not, from the Butthurt Dweller who looks like a real-life version of the "Comic Book Guy" of Simpsons fame.

    Worst. Meme. Ever.

    Just like the Musically Oblivious 8th Grader Meme, the Butthurt Dweller meme features an image of an actual person. KimmoKM, a Finnish "basement dweller," stars in and inspired the meme when his smug mug was posted on a Finnish website along with the comment "ugly whale, I wouldn't f*ck her" in regards to a beautiful woman posted on an image board, reminiscent of the famous Fark comment where someone didn't like a famously ridiculously hot girl for having "sharp knees".

    That quick moment of narcissism was enough to launch an Internet meme that would blow up in 2010. The notorious Internet forum 4chan took hold of the meme and exploited the troll in dozens of languages over the next few months.

    KimmoKM became an Internet legend and was actually a good sport about the whole thing. In an IRC interview, he not only talked about his approval of the meme, but also that the statements made by the Butthurt Dweller, or Gordo Granudo as he's also known, are pretty close to his own thoughts and opinions.

    So terrifyingly enough, this guy exists.

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    The TRON Guy

    TRON Guy is one of the nicest, most genuine and amazing people in internet celebrity history. And with all the jokes about his weight, his appearance and his (actually kind of awesome) costume that he had to hear, he definitely had to have some kind of good karma coming to him.

    I mean the guy is just a lowly nerd (the real kind) who happens to love a certain franchise/movie. He's passionate about something. That's more than we can say about the vast majority of people.

    His name is Jay Maynard and he's a computer programmer and system admin for Hercules, an emulator of IBM mainframe hardware (which is probably why he's so into TRON).

    When he rose to fame in 2004, he made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel, traditional media and even got a Tosh.0 Web Redemption in 2009.

    Click here for Tron guy's Tosh.0 Web Redemption

    Fun/sad fact: because his suit actually lights up, he was not allowed to see the opening night screening of TRON: Legacy when the theatre staff saw him come up to the ticket booth.

    He currently gives out autographs at conventions and enjoys his amateur radio hobby.

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    The Arsenal of Guns and Guitar Hero Guy

    This is one of the greatest people in the history of the internet. The fact that one of the most well-known and seen pictures on the internet features a shirtless, hairy, balding guy surrounded by an arsenal of guns (and some Guitar Hero controllers???)

    You're welcome.

    Well, as it turns out, these pictures actually originated from a gun lovers' forum that this guy frequents, featuring a video of him shooting a gun.

    He has a wife, who actually took all the pictures of him as a joke, but sadly he went on in the original thread to tell everyone about how his wife cheated on him with his best friend (who the hell would do that to a guy with this kind of arsenal?!) in the same house, while he was sleeping.

    They also have kids, though, and he doesn't want to split them up from their family, so they're trying to work things out.

    Not only does this guy completely own the embarrassingly amazing pictures of him from around the internet, but he loves the internet fame and turns out is actually kind of a stand up fellow for not shooting his best friend in the nuts with a grenade launcher.

    What a guy.

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