The 34 Sexiest Pictures of a Young Christina Aguilera

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Pics of a young Christina Aguilera (from when Christina Aguilera was hot and in her prime) when she was in her late teens, when she was in her 20s and general hot photos of a verily late 90s looking, but early-to-mid-2000s Christina Aguilera. In honor of the passing of her 31st year (she is actually 31 years old now), here are the 31 sexiest photos of Christina Aguilera when she was younger. These old Christina Aguilera images can be voted on so that the best and hottest ones rise up to the top and front one the list. So make sure to share it, vote on it and check out the rest of the lists on the sidebar.

Re-live all your 90s and 2000s Christina Aguilera fantasies by looking at and voting on these pictures of a teen Christina Aguilera, a Christina Aguilera in her 20s and Christina Aguilera when she was hot.

She just had it all, looked amazing, was in great shape, exercised all the time, didn't have any kids (which really kind of did a number on her) and her face was about half as wide as it is now.

So what time better than now to look back on pictures of a naked Christina Aguilera (although any Christina Aguilera nudes are most likely not exactly "real") and images of a photoshopped Britney that show us the beauty of keeping up the generally hot appearance of a cultural icon.

These are the absolutely hottest pictures of a younger Christina Aguilera. Enjoy.
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