The 40 Hottest Irish Girls People
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The 40 Hottest Irish Girls

St. Patrick's Day is all year round when you're surrounded with hot Irish girls. The lovely ladies here salute all that is green, which includes all of the hottest women of Celtic origin who make the world a better, luckier place to live. These are all Irish girls and/or Scottish girls who have Celtic blood running through their veins (who also happen to be wearing green, for luck.)

Natural redheads were given extra points, so have a green beer and enjoy your journey through the strawberry blonde fields of the other side of the pond, because these truly are the sexiest girls of Celtic descent.
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    Olivia Wilde is one of the most famous hot chicks of the moment and, hey, also happens to be of partially Irish descent, but most importantly was raised in Ireland and even attended The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland.

    You might know her as that insanely hot girl who's blowing up right now that you saw in Year One after waking up from the nap you took during the "movie," or possibly the insanely hot girl who wears a skintight suit throughout TRON: Legacy. She's also been in "Portlandia" and Rush.

    And that one time she made out with another super hot lady.

    She was dating literal royalty (the son of a Prince) and is most likely either out on the prowl or being treated to luxuries you could never even dream of by dudes who were waiting in the sidelines like vultures. Lucky, lucky vultures.

    Click here for a whole set of pictures of her in a green bikini at the beach.

    HERE is the naked picture of her from her GQ shoot.

    Click here for topless pictures of Olivia Wilde that follow the rules since they were printed in GQ. Her shirt just happens to be a little thin, but she is still technically not nude.

    Click Here for more see-thru Olivia Wilde awesomeness.

    Also, here's an amazing .GIF of her touching her own boobs:

    age: 31
    birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America
    profession: Film Producer, Model, Actor, Writer, Film Director
    institution: Georgetown Day School, Phillips Academy, The Gaiety School of Acting
    height: 5'7"
    Olivia Wilde : see more

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