The 5 Greatest Drugs Banned in 2010 Anything
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The 5 Greatest Drugs Banned in 2010

The government taketh away in 2010, and the government taketh away in droves. Just to show that they're always a few years behind on the drug war, here are some drugs that the government realized people were using to get extra high/drunk this year.

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    What is it?
    Basically known as marijuana without the "marijuana" attached to the name, K2 is essentially incense and potpourri with "added" chemicals to enhance the scent.

    What does it do?
    It gets you high. And it was completely legal until recently. Consumed easily through things like a bong or a piece or a joint, K2 became very popular with teenagers. So popular they probably became careless enough to let the parents notice.

    Why did it get banned?
    As soon as more and more K2 users got admitted into hospitals for some nasty side effects (probably from over-exposing themselves to K2), lawmakers decided that the stuff in K2 wasn't being regulated enough. K2 also happened to be banned in Europe (a common theme on this list), which convinced the law to ban it right after Thanksgiving of 2010, which is awesome. Why? Because this means that they were nice enough to let them eat Thanksgiving leftovers with the munchies which, if you've never done it, is like the food equivalent of sex on Ecstasy.

    Click here to see both sides of the debate in this article.

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