The 5 Lamest Things People Have Rioted Over

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People tend to think that riots happen when a group becomes passionately involved with their cause when, in fact, riots happen because we as a species seem to enjoy rioting. I mean, why the hell not? That's the only explanation for the following mundane crap that provoked giant outbursts of violence from a large group of people.

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    A Top Hat Fashion can be shocking. Someone walking down the street with, say, glittery MC Hammer pants on their head would probably get attention (except in New York). People might gasp, or stare, or point at the novel fashion item. What

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    An Opera Known as "the stuff boredom is made of," pretty much the only time opera music starts a modern riot is when someone attempts to play it at the office -- which is why it’s so utterly fascinating that, in 1830, an opera

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    Being Served Sandwiches In prison, riots aren't always about the issue at hand. Sometimes, a small event can be the proverbial straw which breaks the back of intense, unbridled inmate rage. Sometimes, prisoners riot just because they're a bunch of crazy

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    A Bad Call at a Cricket Match In 1879 England was plumb full of conviction that the world was lit each morning by their nation's citizens collectively sh*tting rainbows. Which is why the cheeky Brits saw nothing wrong with sending a team to Sydney to play a

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    Justin Bieber Signing His Name Although most of us would love it if Justin Bieber didn't show up to an appointment to annoy us with his singing, some teenage girls actually enjoy him. In fact, they enjoy him so much that they went nuts when he was scheduled for

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