The 5 Most Dangerous Sex Positions (And How To Do Them!) Anything
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The 5 Most Dangerous Sex Positions (And How To Do Them!)

Here is a couple's guide to 5 sex positions that will sooner lead to sprained muscles and torn ligaments than to orgasm. I mean what's more fun than adding some danger to sex...right? I'm not just talking about advanced sex positions.These sex moves are definitely not meant for drunk people, nor are they taught in sex books. Attempt these moves at your own risk. Feel free to use this on your next one night stand. Who knows, they might turn out to be marriage material.

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    How To Do This:
    This one's actually fairly common. Start out against a wall, the woman will straddle the man, like a koala bear, and the man will then insert himself into the woman. The wall will provide great leverage at first...until..

    What Could Go Wrong:
    Sweat. The sweat glands from a woman's back will inevitably trickle down to her rear, making the main support zone for this position slippery. If in the heat of the moment one of the partners loses their grip, the penis could be bent the wrong way and the woman could suffer serious spine and head injuries.

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