The 50 Best Bathroom Graffiti Pictures in Internet History Anything
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The 50 Best Bathroom Graffiti Pictures in Internet History

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Here I sit, broken hearted, tried to read some bathroom graffiti, but all I saw was no more TP.

Eh, there's better bathroom writing in the world, and this compilation is the best of stall graffiti out there (in there?) has the best of what the top toilet artists have to offer. From funny bathroom drawings to funny toilet signs to the best bathroom art, this stall graffiti list has all the best people have to offer in the time it takes them to void their bowels.

Ever wonder who it is that thinks the best thing to do while performing a private act in public is to contribute their totally relevant thoughts to a defenseless bathroom wall in an act of vandalism masquerading as toilet humor? Whoever does it, 99% of bathroom grafitti is crap, but some bathroom drawings are truly art, and this list of stall graffiti pictures is here to remind us that all humanity is not lost as we create bathroom wall doodles while cursing last night's Indian food.

Whether you're looking for insightful bathroom stall writing ("I didn't have anything profound to say, so I drew a dick") or just some funny bathroom signs (you won't believe the creative labels people come up with for toilet paper), these bathroom pictures of stall and wall graffiti will have you pissing yourself laughing at the things people come up with when they sit down and set loose their sharpie on some bathroom stall writing.

And hey, even if you happen upon some truly awful bathroom writing while having your toilet time, it's not as bad as these celebrities found dead in the bathroom who probably didn't even get the benefit of a bad limerick before they expired.
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