The 50 Funniest Internet Reactions to E3 2011 Video Games
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The 50 Funniest Internet Reactions to E3 2011

This year's E3 saw the birth of a new Nintendo console, the milking of an underused technology by Microsoft, and a cool, but myopic set of ideas from Sony. Needless to say, the internet went pretty nuts making memes, videos and comics reacting to one of the best E3 conventions in years. So here are the funniest internet reactions to E3 from the week, all in one place for you to enjoy. New stuff will be added as new hilarious stuff hits the internet (aka when Penny Arcade finally has a new comic about it).

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    On E3 in General

    There was a generally positive consensus as to what happened at E3 2011 this year, but as always, the internet doesn't do so much reporting on what's positive as much as they do what they hated. Especially on popular gaming boards like Reddit's /r/gaming section and 4chan's /v/ section (who make up the majority of these reactions and are very much "the beginning" of the internet when it comes to these matters). So, here are some scathing reviews of certain studios, publishers and the like, categorized by major console.

    First here are some reactions to the convention in general.

  2. 2

    And some people just didn't get the games they wanted announced.

    Although these guys come off just a tad bit douchey, this is actually a pretty apt representation of the general consensus of E3, and all the presentations.

    Of course, the popular gaming comedy web series Hey Ash Whatcha Playin had some awesome contributions:

    One of the greatest things tweeted out by someone at the convention was Gustav Halling, DICE and EA designer, winking at 4Chan because they put a dinosaur in the trailer for the new Battlefield 3. If you don't know why this is significant, read this 4chan thread, from 2 E3's ago. Not only did they put a dinosaur in the game, but they did it just for 4Chan. Smart move, Battlefield 3. Smart move.

  3. 3

    On Microsoft

    Microsoft started the week out by doing what pretty much everyone decided was paying two actors to pretend they were playing Kinect on stage, and instead of showing game footage, they showed some douchebags who pretty much looked like mimes playing games that seemed pretty lame to begin with. The reviews were not positive.

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    So, they also announced a new Star Wars game, Star Wars Kinect, and during the demo they demonstrated that, apparently, as a Kinect player you'll have to say "Lightsaber On" in order to activate your lightsaber which, while cool technologically, is absolutely absurd as far as realism goes. Here's the best web comic on this matter this far:

    Another great game brought to the public's attention was a virtual Disneyland. That's right kids, no more having to get up early to spend time with your family anymore, all you need is your Kinect. And if you get lost, no tears and, more importantly, no stinking rides, lines or, you know, "fun".

    They also announced some new games!

  5. 5

    On Nintendo

    Everyone pretty much loved what Nintendo came to the table with. Especially The Wii U.


  6. 6

    And finally, the unfortunately inaccurate thing that people think the Wii U will do:

  7. 7

    On Sony

    Sony displayed some games, a portable for which the consensus is basically...

    ... and then they had a presentation that gave birth to a meme. According to KnowYourMeme, During the Sony part of E3, they showed new games for the PS3, and more importantly for the PlayStation move. One of the they showed, was the game name "Medieval Moves: Dead Man’s Quest". Presented by the president of Zindagi Games, "Umrao Mayer" and played by "Jeremy Ray". When showcasing the game Umrao said random words of empowerment the Jeremy like: Nice shot Jeremy, Great Job Jeremy and Good job Jeremy.

    Here's the video of some of this happening:

    These words were so unnecessary and such filler that they awkwardly stuck out like a sore thumb, so naturally, the internet went to town.

    And the rest, will be internet history.

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