The 50 Funniest Reactions to the Final Presidential Debate Anything
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The 50 Funniest Reactions to the Final Presidential Debate

This debate really didn't have people blowing up the same way it did for the second one, since foreign policy really just generally isn't as interesting as domestic policy to most people, so the zingers made by the adoring public had to be just a little bit more biting, and had to focus on the actual quotes. Luckily, they covered a surprising amount of ground given that neither had very much to say about any of the issues. The debate DID serve to let them really rip into each other quite a bit, and although Obama was equipped with more "zingers", well... well I guess Obama was just equipped with more zingers. And it showed. All the reactions have to do with how hard Obama owned in the last debate, showing that when it comes to debates in campaigns, Obama saves the best for last, a-la Jean Claude Van Damme in all his good movies.

So here are the best Tweets, Reddit memes, Tumblr GIFs and general internet reactions from the third and final Presidential debate of the 2012 Presidential campaign season.

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    This Debate

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    The Internet on the Debates

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    Poor Romney (2 Words That Don't Usually Go Together)

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    On Romney's Refusal to Get Into Hypotheticals

  5. 45

    The Important Facts

  6. 46

    Romney's Military Spending Plans

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    Before Each Debate Probably

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    But Why Not?...

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    The Debates

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