The 50 Greatest Examples of Superman Being a Dick Comic Book Series
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The 50 Greatest Examples of Superman Being a Dick

In honor of Superman turning another year older again this year without aging a day (dick), here are the 50 best examples of Superman being a dick. "Superman is a dick" is a concept originally conceived by the fine folks at (linked to the right). In one of the earliest great things on the Internet, they compiled over 300 examples of Superman being a misogynist, selfish, needlessly cruel dick in old comics from the 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Here's the absolute best of the "Superman is a dick" concept, out of over 300 examples. And yes, these are all real. A lot of them are just from a time in which they were selling Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane comics by using a premise that doesn't actually apply to what is in the comic book itself. Some of these even say "this is not a cop-out" because most of them were. The contents of the inside of the comics most often had absolutely nothing to do with the covers. The covers where Superman is a dick were just ways for comic book companies and stores to entice readers to buy these probably horrible, yet now classic comic books. has provided a service to the world and today we pay tribute to the Golden Age of the Man of Steel. Super dickery.

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    The One Where Superman Tortures A Guy For Years

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