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The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2011

The funniest memes of 2011 are more than pictures on an internet page; they're funny memes that have become pervasive in pop culture. A lot happened on the internet in 2011. Memes ruled the internet more than ever, and even started to crossover into the mainstream media. Rebecca Black became a superstar, advice animals dominated the world, Occupy Wall Street, Charlie Sheen, planking and scumbags invaded our eyes and ears. But what did you miss? Here are the fifty most popular, hilarious and memorable memes of the biggest meme year in internet history so far: 2011. Get ready for videos, pictures and links galore.

These are the most popular, best, most memorable and funniest internet memes of 2011. To catch up on the goings on of 2012, head over to the best memes of 2012. Check out Ranker's other popular meme lists like The Best of the Anti-Joke Chicken, the Sexiest Youtube Stars and 20 Pics That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind.

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  1. 19

    He Will Never Have a Girlfriend

    This great meme is a dual panel strip starring Cereal Guy (a stick figure eating cereal, go figure). The first panel shows a picture of a celebrity, usually before or at the beginning of their career, with Cereal Guy pointing at him (or her) and stating, "S/he will never have a boy/girlfriend." The second panel is then a picture of the celeb as he is now, in full on stardom, with Cereal Guy performing a surprise spit take.

    Really, it just goes to show you what a little air brushing and face paint can do!


    Kid Rock, Bruce Willis, Zac Efron

    As the meme has become so popular, there have since been subverted comics in which Cereal Guy says "Told you" when the celebrity did not, in fact, turn out to be all that attractive in his adult years.

    Meme subverted:

  2. 18

    Zangief Kid

    One clear March day in St. Marys North, New South Wales, Australia, a young boy who had been picked on all his life finally took matters in his own hands and defended himself. Of course, it was all captured on film and later posted on YouTube and subsequently removed as it depicted content of minors participating in violence. Nevertheless, the boy, Casey "the Punisher" Heynes aka the Zangief Kid became an instant internet sensation and hero to the downtrodden everywhere. That said, he was suspended from school (which led to attacks by the internet group Anonymous on the school and the other child in the video, Ritchard Gale).

    The video begins with Ritchard punching and taunting Casey until Casey finally retaliates by grabbing the bully and power slamming him into the ground. The move closely resemblesthe "Spinning Piledriver" from the arcade game Street Fighter, hence the earning him the label "Zangief Kid."

    The video has led to many Street Fighter related responses, either with Casey playing the role of Zangief, or Zangief playing the part of a proud parent.

    The response

    Other great examples here, here and here

  3. 17

    The Bill O'Reilly Meme

    When Bill O'Reilly recently spoke with David Silverman, the man who calls himself the President of American Atheists, he made one of the biggest gaffes he's ever spoken, and it caused so much ridicule that an entire meme came out of it.

    O'Reilly: "I'll tell you why [religion is] not a scam, in my opinion," he told Silverman. "Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can't explain that. You can't explain why the tide goes in."

    Putting thousands or years of work from astronomers, oceanographers, and scientists to shame, O'Reilly throws his insight into the mix, claiming the existence of God to be proven through the inexplicable nature of the tides of the ocean.

    During an interview with Dave Silverman, head of the American Atheist group, O'Reilly managed to simplify the existence of God by surmising, "tide goes in, tide goes out, never a miscommunication" in a calm, Zen-master like fashion; strengthening the credibility of his argument by shedding light on Silverman's inability to explain this remarkable phenomenon that everyone learned in grade school along with the concept of "gravity."

    The meme sometimes still comes around and becomes relevant when something really simple causes confusion.

  4. 16

    Steve Buscemeyes and Michele Bachmann Eyes

    It started with the Buscemeyes meme, consisting of someone on the SomethingAwful forums posting a challenge: photoshop noted, celebrated and talented character actor Steve Buscemi's eyes onto various celebrities. It started with Justin Bieber as an example, and really moved on from there. 

    and then moved on to Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes

    Some idiot got a tattoo:

    then is this link example on Buzzfeed, one of their contributors made a template so you could print, then wear Steve Buscemeyes anywhere! The meme had reached its peak.

    And then possibly the most sexually distressing dress in the history of dresses was made.

    Then Michele Bachmann, 2012 presidential GOP hopeful, got on the cover of Newsweek with a picture that startled, then terrified America:

    The Daily Show made fun of it.

    What happened with Buscemeyes, then, happened with Bachmann. (Click here for a Hot Chicks with Michele Bachmann Eyes Round-Up.)

    Finally, the meme came full circle:Steve Buscemi with Michele Bachmann Eyes and Michele Bachmann with Steve Buscemi Eyes.

  5. 15

    The Rapture That Wasn't

    Christian radio host Harold Camping had made several predictions involving the End Times in the past that had been largely ignored. But following a well-funded widespread advertising campaign and media blitz, he and his group managed to get a lot of attention in the weeks leading up to May 21, 2011, the date he had set for the End Times to begin.

    Even before the sacred date arrived, the jokes started. "Operation Rapture" plotted to leave clothing strewn about, to make it appear that Christians had been plucked out of them and delivered on the Express Train to God's Kingdom. (The practice became known as "Rapture Bombing.")

    Other entrepreneurial sorts were offering post-rapture insurance for people who went to Heaven but left family members behind, or pet care for the beloved animals of the saved.

    When, much to the shock of pretty much no one, the world didn't end on May 21st, atheists, Christians and pretty much the entire rest of the Internet set aside a few days to ruthlessly mock and satirize these hapless believers.


    Click here for the greatest Rapture billboard of them all"

    The Rapture customer feedback card (click here for it).

  6. 14

    Reactions to Osama bin Laden's Death

    It was one of the biggest events of the year, and easily the one that caused the biggest outpour of memes, videos, remixes, news stories and coverage: the death of Osama bin Laden.

    It made news headlines around the world, and it got people making jokes unlike any other meme in 2011. Osama bin Laden, the #1 person America needed to find in retaliation for the September 11th attacks in 2011 was finally caught by Barack Obama and crew.

    This meme mainly consisted of people making comics, gifs, manipulations an anything else you can think of surrounding the subject of the death, Obama catching him, Obama never showing his body and the fact that it happened right after Obama was being hounded for proof of his birth certificate. 

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