The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2011 Anything
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The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2011

The funniest memes of 2011 are more than pictures on an internet page; they're funny memes that have become pervasive in pop culture. A lot happened on the internet in 2011. Memes ruled the internet more than ever, and even started to crossover into the mainstream media. Rebecca Black became a superstar, advice animals dominated the world, Occupy Wall Street, Charlie Sheen, planking and scumbags invaded our eyes and ears. But what did you miss? Here are the fifty most popular, hilarious and memorable memes of the biggest meme year in internet history so far: 2011. Get ready for videos, pictures and links galore.

These are the most popular, best, most memorable and funniest internet memes of 2011. To catch up on the goings on of 2012, head over to the best memes of 2012. Check out Ranker's other popular meme lists like The Best of the Anti-Joke Chicken, the Sexiest Youtube Stars and 20 Pics That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind.
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  1. 24

    Talking Twin Babies

    This is a video remix meme based on a video of a pair of twins talking (as the name suggests) in their own language. Similar to the Hitler Reacts meme of yesteryear, each variation of the meme is (typically) visually the same, only the subtitles have changed.

    It has been suggested that the twins are speaking some magical twin language that only twins can understand. It is called Cryptophasia by psychologists and exists solely to piss off non-twins.

    Original video:


  2. 23

    Asians in the Library

    After a long day studying for finals, UCLA Alexandra Wallace decided it might be a good idea to post a rant against the Asian population of her school (but only the Asians she doesn't know, the ones she does know are totally cool and notthe problem). Within the video she berates the Asian students for answering their phones, their native tongue (as it sounds to her) and that their families visit their dorms on a daily basis. Sounds like someone did get enough love as a child!

    Original Video:

    Needlesstosay, the video went viral and it offended its fair share of Asians, UCLA students and nonassociated persons alike. Alexandra removed the video and released a public apology. But it was too late. Multiple copies of the video cropped up on YouTube and elsewhere, leading to a mostly Asian response video meme, where responders humorously called out Alexandra Wallace in particular and white women in general in the style of her original video. The videos often beginning with the "I know I'm not the most politically correct person, but ..." disclaimer before heading into the tirade.

    Response videos:

    Some language used in the video has also been transposed to both screenshots from the video and previously established picture memes, with verbiage changed as appropriate for the meme's stylings.


  3. 22

    Pepper Spray Cop

    In an image that has in many ways become emblematic of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, a police officer named Lt. John Pike was snapped blithely spraying pepper spray directly into the faces of student protesters at UC Davis.

    The incident occurred on November 18th, and within days, the photo was everywhere online, with Pike and his pepper spray being placed into a variety of different settings. (Be sure to check our Ranker's definitive guide to the Lt. Pike Pepper Spray Meme.)

    Several themes emerged right away in the Pepper Spray images… One was placing Pike in satirical situations, such as spraying down the Declaration of Independence, spraying Jesus, or into the faces of the presidents on Mt. Rushmore.


    The other immediately apparent apparent motif found Pike inserted into classic artwork, including Seurat's "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte," Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks" and Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World."

    The following week, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly sparked her own sub-meme after referring to pepper spray as "a food product, essentially" on her show.

    Kelly was then turned into an "advice animal." Photos of her appeared with captions casually dismissing other abusive or violent behavior.

  4. 21

    Something Awful: El Hadji Diouf Tripping

    Something Awful did something awesome this year in their meme-ification of Senegalese soccer player El Hadji Diouf tripping, seemingly out of nowhere during a game. 

    It was later found out that the guy is kind of a dick, as he often spits on fans and players (at some point even spitting on an 11-year-old-boy).

    So when he embarrassed himself on the field, the Something Awful forums started guessing as to what may have ben the cause. The result was arguably the most epic .gif creation thread this year on the internet. Here's a breakdown of the best ones.

    And here are a few great examples:

  5. 20

    Ted Williams, The Golden Voice

    Ted Williams is the man with The Golden Voice who was a YouTube sensation after Columbus Dispatch reporter Kevin Joy found him panhandling on the side of the street and took some footage of him, requesting to hear his "God Given Gift of Voice" that the sign he held claimed to have. The video was posted on January 3rd. By the 5th, it was announced in USA Today that the Cleveland Cavaliers had offered him a sports announcer position and housing. He was later interviewed by CBS and NBC and was able to reunite with his mother after 20 years.

    Original video:

    His unlikely success story made him beloved of the internet (even with his murky, felonous past) and images of him began to circulate throughout and on the 11th of January, Something Awful posted their Photoshop contest.

    As for the meme itself, there does not seem to be any requirements for it. Most images are of other celebrities and personalities with Ted Williams's face pasted on. Some make reference to his voice and the cardboard sign he carried, but it is not a necessary element.

    More examples here and here

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