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The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2011

The funniest memes of 2011 are more than pictures on an internet page; they're funny memes that have become pervasive in pop culture. A lot happened on the internet in 2011. Memes ruled the internet more than ever, and even started to crossover into the mainstream media. Rebecca Black became a superstar, advice animals dominated the world, Occupy Wall Street, Charlie Sheen, planking and scumbags invaded our eyes and ears. But what did you miss? Here are the fifty most popular, hilarious and memorable memes of the biggest meme year in internet history so far: 2011. Get ready for videos, pictures and links galore.

These are the most popular, best, most memorable and funniest internet memes of 2011. To catch up on the goings on of 2012, head over to the best memes of 2012. Check out Ranker's other popular meme lists like The Best of the Anti-Joke Chicken, the Sexiest Youtube Stars and 20 Pics That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind.

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    Scumbag Everything

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    It all started with Scumbag Steve, as the first huge meme of the year in January of 2011. Easily the most widely spread singular meme of 2011(not including the advice animals), this meme has had so many variations on it that it feels like it's been around for years already.

    Blake Boston, a white guy rapper (more on those later) had a picture of himself that his mom took of him poking through a door. He was helping his mom with an art project for a class she was taking. In the picture, he looks like he's about to ask for a favor, and once Reddit got a hold of it (well, mainly /r/Trees, Reddit's leading Marijuana section and /r/AdviceAnimals, a section that became HUGE this year) they just kinda went nuts with the picture -- because we've all known a douchebag exactly like this meme.

    But who is Scumbag Steve?
    Scumbag Steve (not Blake Boston, the guy from the original image, but Scumbag Steve) is that guy we all knew in High School (or unfortunately know in "real life") who was the biggest inconsiderate, ignorant, egotistical, idiotic, mooching, freeloading, all-talk-no-walk, would-ruin-at-least-one-thing-at-parties tough guy who looked exactly like Blake Boston.

    So many of us know someone so unreliable, and downright horrible, though, that after the Scumbag Steve was huge, the hat he's wearing in the picture started being put onto foreign objects which, then, would become scumbags themselves.

    Thus, dozens of spinoffs of the Scumbag Steve meme populated the internet in the form of The Scumbag Meme (click here for a great round-up of about 50 variations on the Scumbag Meme). Some notable great examples of the Scumbag Meme include Scumbag Brain and Scumbag Alcohol.

    Here are some good examples from the Buzzfeed's huge round-up of the rest of the Scumbag meme

    Scumbag Universe

    Scumbag Meatloaf

    Scumbag Sonic

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