The 50 Hottest Pictures of T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes People
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The 50 Hottest Pictures of T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes is best known as the T-Mobile Girl from the company's ads and billboards, but she's more than just "the hot girl" from T-Mobile commercials. This list includes the sexiest pics of almost-naked T-Mobile girl, Carly Foulkes, and fully clothed but still sexy TMobile girl Carly. Whether you are looking for near-nude Carly Foulkes pics, to topless shots of her, to just the hottest photos of her from fashion magazines, they are on this list. Pictures of her in lingerie/underwear, to pictures of her in a bikini, Carly Foulkes's greatest pictures and picture sets can be found here. List will be updated whenever a new, hot set of Carly Faulkes photos hits the internet. You're welcome.This 23 year-old Canadian goddess has been modeling for 10 years, from print ads, swimsuits and lingerie to high fashion photography, and she has recently started her acting career. (Besides being the face of T-Mobile you will also be able to see her in the upcoming TV show "Powers" as Retro Girl.) If you are looking for more hot girl lists, check out Kate Upton, Rosie Huntington Whiteley or Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan from Entourage).

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    Carly Foulkes As a White Princess Jasmine (Finally)

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    Carly Foulkes Auditions for Yenta in the Fiddler on the Roof Reboot

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    Carly Foulkes Awaits Her Hair Appointment After An Unfortunate Flowbee Incident

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    Carly Foulkes Before She Irishes Up Her Coffee

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    Carly Foulkes Buys Her Boots from the Tranny Shop On Hollywood Blvd.

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    Carly Foulkes Does Her Best Al Bundy

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