The 50 Most Absurd Translations of Film Titles Films
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The 50 Most Absurd Translations of Film Titles

Sadly, there are no funny alternative titles for Lost in Translation (though it is called Lost in Tokyo in Israel). Nevertheless, it's amazing what translators and marketers get from films and how they think it is best to market them to different national audiences. Read on to have your mind completely blown by some of the most nonsensical, ridiculous, and full-on spoiler giving titles of films from around the world. 

Sometimes words don't work well in other languages, that's just a fact of life and the pitfalls of local dialects. So what are the funniest foreign movie titles? Take a look here and you'll see how sometimes words do get lost in translation.

Foreign translations of film titles often end up... a little mixed up. Some make no sense at all, while some cut right to the heart of the film, by passing any artistic thought or meaning. In any case, these are the funniest, oddest, most absurd foreign translations of film titles that have been dreamt up (and released) so far.

Many of these movies can be found on Netflix or Amazon Prime (in English, of course). If you're a movie buff, also check out the Best Foreign Legion Movies, the
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    Come to My Cave and Wear this Rubber Codpiece, Cute Boy

    "Come to My Cave and Wear this Rubber Codpiece, Cute Boy" (Hong Kong)

  2. 2
    "O homem que matou a própria mãe" (Portugal) - "The Man Who Killed His Mother"

    Actor(s): Alfred Hitchcock, Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin + 27 more
    Release: 1960
    Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
    Produced by: Alfred Hitchcock
    Screenplay by: Joseph Stefano
    Genre(s): Slasher, Horror Film, Thriller
    Tagline: Check in. Relax. Take a shower., It is REQUIRED That You See Psycho From the Very Beginning!
    Sequel: Psycho II
    The Man Who Killed His Mother : see more

  3. 3
    "His Device Makes Him Famous" (China)

    Actor(s): Julianne Moore, Heather Graham, Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, Philip Seymour Hoffman + 87 more
    Release: 1997
    Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson
    Produced by: Paul Thomas Anderson, Joanne Sellar, John S. Lyons, Lloyd Levin
    Screenplay by: Paul Thomas Anderson
    Genre(s): Indie film, Drama, Period piece, Comedy-drama, Comedy + 3 more
    Tagline: In 1977, Sex was safe. Pleasure was a business. And Business was booming., The life of a dreamer, the days of a business, and the nights in between., Everyone has one special thing.
    His Device Makes Him Famous : see more

  4. 4
    "I'm a Drunk and You're a Prostitute" (Hong Kong)

    Actor(s): Nicolas Cage, Mariska Hargitay, Elisabeth Shue, Emily Procter, Valeria Golino + 10 more
    Release: 1995
    Directed by: Mike Figgis
    Produced by: Annie Stewart, Lila Caz├Ęs
    Screenplay by: Mike Figgis
    Genre(s): Romance Film, Film adaptation, Indie film, World cinema, Drama + 1 more
    I'm a Drunk and You're a Prostitute : see more

  5. 5
    "Just Send Him to University Unqualified (China)

    Actor(s): Tom Cruise, Megan Mullally, Rebecca De Mornay, Joe Pantoliano, Jill De Vries + 45 more
    Release: 1983
    Directed by: Paul Brickman
    Produced by: Jon Avnet, Steve Tisch
    Screenplay by: Paul Brickman
    Genre(s): Teen film, Satire, Sex comedy, Comedy-drama, Comedy
    Tagline: There's a time for playing it safe and a time for Risky Business., Meet the model son who's been good too long.
    Just Send Him to University Unqualified : see more

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