The 7 Greatest Patrick Stewart Memes Anything
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The 7 Greatest Patrick Stewart Memes

Captain Picard is one of the most beloved captains in Starfleet, so it is no surprise that he's also one of the most popular memes on the internet. In fact, Picard is so prolific he's not only one meme, he is several.

From facepalming the idiocy of people to singing and dancing his way into your heart, Jean Luc Picard's memes are everywhere online. Couple that by being played by one of the most talented living actors, Sir Patrick Stewart, Captain Picard can do almost no wrong.

So in honor of the finest of men, gentleman, scholar, actor and knight Sir Patrick Stewart, the man of one voice, many characters and the f**king sweetest bald head in show business, we present to you the best annoyed Captain Picard memes on the internet.
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    Annoyed Picard

    Annoyed Picard wants to know what the eff is going on here. That's his deal.

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