6 Times Board Games Led to Murder Anything
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6 Times Board Games Led to Murder

The best board games are enjoyed by children and adults alike and foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition. However, in the wrong hands, even a simple game like Yahtzee or chess can turn DEADLY.

Yes, it does sound insane, but the classic board games many of us grew up playing have actually led to more than just some ruined Thanksgivings. What follows is a list of seven board games that have actually resulted in murder. And not the "Clue" type of murder, where it's adorable and committed by someone with a silly color-themed name either. The actual grisly kind of murder, where people end up sad and/or dead.

What board games have driven people to kill? Sadly, you'll find out by taking a look at this list. Remember, it's not worth killing someone over a board game. 

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    It's Christmas Day, 2010. Minnesota mother-of-three Tamara Lee Mason decides it might be fun to spend the day with her three sons - 17-year-old Jacob, 18-year-old Andrew, and 25-year-old Dylan - playing Yahtzee. The boys disagree. Strongly. Jacob objected so strongly to the request, in fact, that he covered her head with a plastic bag and choked her with a belt. (Maybe he prefers Scattergories?)

    Remember, though: Tamara had two other doting sons in the same house. Surely, they came to her aid, right? Unfortunately, no. It seems that, in terms of raising sociopaths, Tamara had rolled 3 of a kind. Dylan and Andrew helped Jacob place her body in a trash can to store until the ground was soft enough to bury her. When her remains were eventually discovered decomposing in the backyard, the jig was up. Jacob now faces two second-degree murder charges. His brothers are charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

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