The 7 Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks Anything
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The 7 Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks

From zombies and werewolves, and even vampires, here are seven news stories of real-life attacks by people (or creatures?) purporting to be real-life monsters. Most of these people are absolutely insane, were off their meds, or belong in an institution, but either way, it's fun to speculate that at least one of these is a supernatural being living among us - as a complete loser.

What are some cases of real monsters being found? This list of real life monster attacks highlights what some people THINK is going on in the dark corners of the earth (or in the bright corners of the 7-11 in some cases).

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    Vampire Causes Car Accident

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    Though they can change their form to bats, wolves, and even mist, sometimes vampires can just be d*cks.

    According to a Colorado woman, she was forced off the road while driving home after she saw a vampire standing in the middle of it. When the police arrived on the scene the offending Nosferatu had vanished. The police do not suspect that any alcohol or drugs were involved, though there was evidence that the woman was not on her prescribed medication.

    One small boy interviewed by the local news said "I don't believe she saw a vampire," while a local teenage girl added, "That would be cool though. I hope that's the case."

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