The 7 Greatest Novelty Prom Dates Anything
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The 7 Greatest Novelty Prom Dates

A list of great prom dates, including big celebrities, minor celebrities, inanimate celebrities, and inanimate objects. Prom (from "promenade") is a social rite of passage among high school students, usually at the end of senior year. The black tie event marks the ending of high school as a celebration of friendships and years dedicated to learning and growing up. Prom has also been the setting of hijinks and other pranks as students take funny prom photos or show up with outlandish dates.

Traditionally, the formal dance features a prom court of nominees for the Prom King and Prom Queen naming ceremony in which popular and well-liked students are elected to represent their classes. Prom attire includes gowns or formal prom dresses for girls and tuxedos or suits for boys. Dates often also wear matching corsages and boutonnière flower arrangements pinned to their chests or on their wrists (girls). Prom dates may be romantic sweethearts or platonic friends, and LGBT students may take same-sex prom dates. Groups of friends often travel together to and from the prom in stretched limousines rented for the evening. The actual event typically has a DJ or band playing music for students to dance to.

Sometimes, the big night also includes celebrity prom dates. Or even cardboard cutouts and inflatable prom dates. This is going to get weird.

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    Once Upon a Prom Delivers Celebrity Prom Dates

    In true MTV fashion, "Once Upon a Prom" (2007) was a reality show that featured not music or anything related to music, but real American teens who wanted to brush with celebrity. A few famous people who made circuses out of high school proms by appearing as student dates included Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Bobby Valentino.


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