The 7 Greatest Real-Life Superhero Brawls

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We've all seen a brawl on the streets, but have you ever seen real life superheroes take up arms in broad daylight? These fights look like the kind you'd see between two drunks, only they take place between people in costume. Watch in amazement as the worlds of Marvel and D.C. Comics collide in a crash of girl slaps and home-made capes. These fights are an amazing collection of the greatest real-life superhero brawls ever reported or caught on tape.

Have you ever seen Poison Ivy, Captain America, AND Spider-Man in one place before? Ever watched on in wonder as Batman fights Captain Jack Sparrow? Buckle your seatbelts, because you're about to.

Before we begin, this is a public service announcement for aspiring superheroes everywhere: donning a costume may, or may not, provide you with superhuman powers, but do not count on it. You may become a target for the ire of others, including arch enemies in the real world, where the alien humans may possess their own abilities... such as use of a knife or gun. Be warned!
Collection Photo: Marvel Comics
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