The 7 Longest Traffic Jams in History Anything
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The 7 Longest Traffic Jams in History

Giving most of us a reason to whine, complain and show up late for work, traffic jams are a way of life, but these longest traffic jams in history stand above the rest as the worst ever. From 110-mile pileups in France to millions of residents evacuating before a natural disaster, these traffic jams make Southern California highways look deserted in comparison. The longest traffic jam in history is everyone's worst nightmare, and these longest recorded traffic jams really take the cake.

What are the worst freeways in the world? Where did the worst traffic jams in history take place? Being bored, hungry, and miserable, running low on gas or needing to use the restroom are all reasonable reactions to being stuck in traffic, and undoubtedly felt by the drivers stuck in these historical messes. Next time you're stuck for 20-30 minutes on the highway, be thankful you were not there for days and days, as these unlucky folks were.

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    East to West German border

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    Coming in as the biggest traffic jam in history when recorded by the number of cars, on April 12, 1990, an estimated 18 million cars were knotted up at the East-West border in Germany. To put the numbers in perspective, on an average day only about 50,000 vehicles hit the highway each day.

    Likely a pain in the butt for any of the 18 million drivers at the time, the traffic jam did have a pretty good reason behind it. At the same time, Germany was going through its reunification period in which East and West Germany became one.

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