The 7 Most Annoying Kids in Action Movie History Film Actors
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The 7 Most Annoying Kids in Action Movie History

They're sarcastic, they get kidnapped and half these movies are about rescuing or protecting them; here are the 7 worst, and most annoying, kids in action movies. How often can a kid mess up an otherwise great movie (without actually being in the theatre)? Pretty damn often. If you walk out of, or turn off a movie and one of the most memorable things is an annoying kid, then the annoying kids have won. Here are the top 7 that linger, unfortunately, in most action lovers' minds.

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    Responsible for John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    So imagine you are a cyborg sent back through time for the sole purpose of protecting humanity’s one true hope. You would stop at nothing to ensure that your target lives. You know how weapons work, you will hotwire cars, you will disobey laws of traffic, travel naked (for some reason) and literally melt the skin of your face to fulfill your goal. You basically are what people will pay to see. What you get instead is a kid who now considers himself the coolest badass ever thanks to his pet robot. Just take a look at the scene where John Connor tricks a couple of guys into pushing the Terminator around just because he can. He calls out for help, they come to his aid, he calls them a name and then gets the T-100 to kick their asses. What a little dick. Eff this kid.

    If you were the Terminator and you were reduced to say catchphrases like "no problem" or "eat me" or "chill out, dickwad" to the bad guys because a kid told you to, you’d kill yourself too.

    Wanna feel a little better? Here's what he looks like now: Link to Edward Furlong in 2010

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