death The 15 Most Brutal Valentine's Day Murders  

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Valentine's Day is all about love, and passion. But what happens when that love and passion take a turn for the worst? We've all heard the term "crime of passion" and the following list is an extreme example of that term told in seven true stories. These seven people took that whole "love you to death" thing really, really, seriously. This is a list of murders committed on Valentine's Day that made the news in recent memory.

What are some of the most brutal Valentine's Day murders? Well, this list will give that answer along with the grizzly details affiliated with that crime. Take a look for yourself if you want to see what are some of the most heinous and horrifying crimes commited on the greatest Hallmark holiday of them all.

Elderly Couple Ends Everything on Valentine's Day

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In 2015, the Alabama Sheriff's Department discovered the bodies of an elderly husband and wife who were the victims of an apparent murder-suicide. Their investigation showed that the 77-year-old husband shot and killed his wife, 76, before killing himself. According to, there was "no history of domestic violence," and, "the couple was dealing with long-term illness." 

Oscar Pistorius Murders Girlfriend

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In a shocking turn of events, Olympic and Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriendmodel Reeva Steenkamp, at their home in Pretoria. Initially, he was charged with manslaughter, but that as overturned and the much heftier charge of murder was applied to the runner. At his trial, Pistorious said repeatedly that he accidentally killed his girlfriend when he believed his home had been broken into. 

Man Butchers Wife In Family Home, A Love Story is Born

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This is weird, gross and kind of long, so bare with me here. This is how love happens.

Stephen Grant walked into the Macomb County Police Department on a Valentine's Day and reported his wife missing. Three weeks later they found her torso in his garage. 34-year-old Tara Lynn Grant was killed by her husband in their home in Washington Township, Mich. And this was just the beginning. Stephen said his wife, and mother of his two young children, vanished on the night of Feb. 9. He claimed she returned from her job in Puerto Rico, fought with him and then left getting into "a mysterious dark car".

After police found the torso (yes, just the torso) in the home, they found more body parts all over a wooded area near Stony Creek Metro Park. Stephen did not confess to the murder until after he was arrested, even though he'd previously pronounced his innocence, undying love and concern for his wife. But a former girlfriend then turned over a whole lot of damning evidence including emails from Stephen in which he mocked marriage vows and offered to let the woman, a nursing student, practice sponge baths on him.

He also said he was suspicious about his wife's relations with an old boyfriend and an older man at her work, which probably justified his actions in his own head.

Stephen let the authorities into his home for the search, and then fled the scene. Authorities had to search the area for him, contact relatives, comb his neighborhood and even reached out to his lawyer. "By no means did we expect to recover what we did," said Macomb Country Sheriff Mark Hackel regarding the multiple body parts found around the area.

But then, Justice!

Stephen eventually confessed to the crime and was arrested. While he was waiting for his trial he was housed at the Macomb County Jail.

Also residing there was Jennifer K*kla. Jennifer was found mentally ill, but still guilty of first-degree murder in the deaths of 8-year-old Alexandra and 5-year-old Ashley. Police discovered the bodies of her daughters and the family's three pet Pomeranians in their mobile home in Macomb Township on Feb. 4, 2007, about 25 miles North of Detroit. Officers testified during her trial that K*kla said she heard the voice of the devil telling her to kill the girls and the dogs.

But here's the twist: Jennifer gave prison authorities over a dozen love letters that were written to her from Stephen Grant HIMSELF. Grant also wrote two letters to another inmate and four to a woman named Sarah -- though Jennifer said those were in response to letters she had written to him using that name.

Grant told Jennifer he wished they could arrange "a rendezvous in the closet one of these days. :-)" (Yes, he put in a smiley face.)

He also wrote that the "chats" with K*kla helped to "keep him sane" and said he missed his son, daughter and wife, Tara. "I have to tell you that you are the first person to ask if I miss Tara and the answer is Yes," he wrote.

Jennifer said she wrote to him because she and other inmates wanted to know what he would say about his crime.

Grant was eventually sentenced to 50-80 year in prison for second-degree murder of his wife, and moved to another prison away from Jennifer. There is no word on if they still are corresponding.

A love story for the ages.


Missionary Kills Wife

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Nathan Leuthold and his wife Denise met a Lithuanian student while on a missionary trip to Eastern Europe, when the girl turned 18 the husband and wife team sponsored her immigration to the United States. But things turned dark after Nathan allegedly fell in love with the student and killed his wife so the two could be together. He told Police his wife had been the victim of a home invasion, but after looking at his computer and noticing that he'd googled "how to muffle a gun," "hitting someone over the head to knock them out," and "lethal injection," the jig was up. 

Man Gets Life Sentence Plus 35 Years For Valentine's Day Murder

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Gibson Paul was living with Tomicka Peterson in West Palm Beach. But on Valentine’s Day of 2011 Tomicka decided she no longer wanted to live with Gibson and certainly did not want him to be her Valentine, which is one of the reasons he is crying in his mugshot (yes, that is his real mugshot, not a still from the "why he don't want me man?" episode of Fresh Prince where Will confronts his estranged father).

Tomicka informed Gibson that she would be leaving him, and that she would be moving out of their shared apartment. She then tried to end the relationship and leave the apartment with some friends for safety. But instead of taking a step back, a few deep breaths, and spending some time thinking about how he was to blame for all this... he grabbed his semiautomatic pistol.

He opened fire on the car that his newly ex-girlfriend was in which contained a male driver, two female passengers, and a 3-year-old girl. One woman was grazed by a bullet, but it was Tomicka that took the brunt of Gibson’s rage. She was shot five times and died at the scene.

Gibson was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, aggravated assault, 5 counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Gibson demanded a speedy trial and acted as his own attorney. Naturally a 29 year old convicted felon facing 8 charges would be able to aptly defend himself. But soon after the trial began, Gibson realized he’s not the best decision maker and asked Circuit Judge Karen Miller to have Assistant Public Defender Aaron Ritchey rejoin him and take over his defense.

Even with a real lawyer, Gibson received life in prison on the first-degree murder charge, 20 years on the aggravated assault charge, and 15 years each on charges of shooting into an occupied vehicle and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Which he must have to serve... in the afterlife? Anyway, guy's locked away forever.


Judge's Daughter Beats Her Husband to Death

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Andrea Consales, a school teacher and daughter of a deceased municipal judge, was charged with first-degree murder after she allegedly after she bashed her husband's head in on V-Day. EMT's responding to Consales' call noted significant fractures to the face, head, and torso that appeared to have been caused by blunt force. In her trial she told the court that her husband "had fallen," but the prosecution deemed the injuries consistent with homicide.

Victim's Screams Were Caught On Surveillence Footage

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Tiana Notice, a 25 year old gir working on her master’s degree in communications at the University of Hartford, was dating James Carter II (not Jr., but "the second"). But in 2008 her relationship with James went South so Tiana ended it. James apparently was not happy with this decision. Like, at all. He went a little nuts. 

Tiana even got a restraining order against James, but that didn’t stop him.

According to Tiana’s mother, Kathy Lewis, the last months of her daughter's life were "horrendous." She said "James terrorized Tiana and she pleaded with police to do something." But when the police did nothing, Tiana had her father put up a surveillance camera outside of her apartment. That surveillance camera recorded Tiana’s screams as James butchered her outside of her apartment and saw her trying to run away from her killer, but the stabbing itself was not caught on film.

Tiana had called 911 and told them that her ex-boyfriend had just stabbed her and she was bleeding to death. Both the 911 call and the surveillance video were shown to the jury as well as a poem written by Tiana, read by her father.

The poem titled, "Chapter Closed," was about leaving James. She wrote about being released from his "temper, torture, threats, ego, jealously and insecurity." "An empty house in solitude is how he will spend his days," she wrote. "And I rest assured in knowing: I'm beautiful, smart, and on my way!"

James received 60 years in prison and his murder case helped influence changes to the state's domestic violence laws.


Moving Day Turns Violent

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After moving into a new apartment on Valentine's Day, Dawn Dixon-Bey stabbed her husband twice in the chest while he was laying on the living room couch. Dixon-Bey argued self defense, but there were multiple witnesses against the prosecuted that said they overheard her threaten to stab her husband during past arguments.