The 7 Most Brutal Valentine's Day Murders Anything
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The 7 Most Brutal Valentine's Day Murders

Valentine's Day is all about love, and passion. But what happens when that love and passion take a turn for the worst? We've all heard the term "crime of passion" and the following list is an extreme example of that term told in seven true stories. These seven people took that whole "love you to death" thing really, really, seriously. This is a list of murders committed on Valentine's Day that made the news in recent memory.

What are some of the most brutal Valentine's Day murders? Well, this list will give that answer along with the grizzly details affiliated with that crime. Take a look for yourself if you want to see what are some of the most heinous and horrifying crimes commited on the greatest Hallmark holiday of them all.

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    Young Love Never Had A Chance

    High-school sweethearts Nicholas Kunselman and Stephanie Hart-Grizzell where having lunch at a Subway sandwich shop a few blocks South of Columbine High School. Stephanie was waiting for Nicholas to finish closing up the shop so they could go out together.

    A few minutes after midnight on Valentine’s Day a co-worker passing by saw that the lights were still on, so they checked in.

    They found Nicholas and Stephanie shot, lying on the floor. Witnesses reported seeing a young man who walked away from the Subway shop at about the time the two teenagers were killed.

    Eight years later the case has gone cold. "There have been a number of times we’ve worked leads that seemed very promising," said Jacki Kelley, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

    The tips did uncover a drug ring selling cocaine and marijuana that operated near the store. The shop was not robbed the night of the slayings, leading investigators to believe the deaths were drug-related, and therefore accidental.

    Stephanie was involved with sports, such as swimming for the Foothills Recreational District Swim Team. In his spare time, Nicholas played the guitar, listened to music and became the Colorado junior disc-golf champion. Both were shy.


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