The 7 Most Delicious Shark Recipes Foods
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The 7 Most Delicious Shark Recipes

With Shark Week on the Discovery Channel being so popular here are the 7 most delicious shark recipes you can cook... just to get even to all the killer sharks out there. Cooking shark does not have to be a complicated affair– shark steak can be grilled on your bbq like many other cuts of meat. When cooking shark, it's important to remember that not all sharks taste the same. It's recommended that you start with mako shark– it's a very popular shark to eat and is often substituted for swordfish in recipes due to its similar texture. Black tip sharks are another popular species to eat. Black tip shark recipes are shared by fisherman who seek these types of sharks out for their delectable flavor. 
If you're wondering how to cook shark and are open to trying a few different techniques, then this is the list for you!