The 7 Most Terrifying Water Attractions in the World Anything
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The 7 Most Terrifying Water Attractions in the World

Generally water parks and swimming pools are supposed to be a fun way to cool off on a hot day, but sometimes the designers get things horribly, horribly wrong.

This is a list of the most terrifying water attractions in the world. Some are now closed because of their safety hazards (credibility), while others just make you cringe at the thought of what could happen. Chillin' with alligators? You got it. Swimming with sharks? You bet. We can't make this stuff up, people.

Sit back, relax, and be grateful that you're currently sitting safely on your couch, dry as dust while you read about this "great" water attractions.
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    The Joule Hotel Pool

    The pool in the Joule Hotel looks like something a toddler would put on his LEGO hotel, right below the room made entirely of pizza, and next to the landing pad for the giant, fighting robot.


    Pictured: why real life and Jenga shouldn't ever mix.

    Not only does one end of the pool project out into space, but the exterior wall is made of clear glass, and if it were to give out, there's just no way you'd be able to stop yourself from spilling out with the water and falling ten stories. But according to the hotel's website, that's exactly how they want you to feel:

    "With an eye-catching design by Adam D. Tihany, the glass-fronted pool cantilevers eight feet beyond the hotel's structure, providing swimmers with the sensation of swimming off the building's edge."

    Comforting, isn't it?


    And even if you miraculously survived spilling onto the street, you'd be standing in the middle of the street. And if this happens to you, then please do watch out for traffic.



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