The 7 Strangest Playboy Playmate Deaths of All Time People
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The 7 Strangest Playboy Playmate Deaths of All Time

No matter who it is, the death of a Playboy Playmate is nothing short of tragic. Yet, somehow, some Playmates meet some of the most gruesome and often times mysterious fates. So here in one place, are the weirdest, strangest, and often unexplained deaths of Playboy Playmates.

From young beauties like Dorothy Stratten just taking off in their career to long-acclaimed legends like Marilyn Monroe to retired Playmate veterans like Yvette Vicker, here are the seven strangest Playmate deaths to have ever occurred in Playboy Bunny history.

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    What Happened: Playboy Playmate Killed by Husband, Her Body Was Later Defiled.

    The Story:
    In what is easily a horrible, horrible way to go, Dorothy Stratten gets a high spot on this list because she really just ended up with the wrong guy.

    Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten was only 17 when she sent in nude photos to Playboy magazine with the help of a 26-year-old club promoter and (literal) pimp Paul Snider. Though she was underage, the two met while Stratten was working part-time at a Dairy Queen in Vancouver, and they quickly fell into a romance, much to Stratten's mother's disapproval.

    In two years' time, Stratten already moved out to Los Angeles with Snider and was working as a bunny at the Century City Playboy Club with her surname shortened to "Stratten."

    After finding success in television and filming her first (and only) major film titled They All Laughed, Stratten began an affair with the movie's director, Peter Bogdanovich. By then, several people, including Hugh Hefner himself, were warning Stratten about her relationship with Snider, saying that he was a "hustler and a pimp."

    Snider, though, wasn't going to let Stratten go without a fight. He hired a private investigator to follow her and on August 14, 1980, when the two arranged to meet at Snider's house to talk about divorce, decided to take it into his hands that no one was ever going to follow her anymore.

    He shot Stratten in the face, tied her lifeless body to a "love contraption," had sex with her dead body for a half hour or so (I mean, you don't want to go overboard or anything) and then blew out his own brains.

    Snider's roommates discovered both of them lying nude on the floor with ants swarming their bodies.

    Stratten was only twenty, and two movies (Death of a Centerfold and Star 80) were later made about her tragic life and death. The girl really did deserve more.


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