The 7 Weirdest Parental Punishments People
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The 7 Weirdest Parental Punishments

Sure, any parent can send the young'uns to their bedrooms for some time out, or suspend TV privileges when the little angels act more like imps. But when traditional punishments fail, some moms and dads find the need to get more creative. Embarrassment, shame and just plain oddness were on the agenda in the households of these poor kids.

If these children are anything like most American youth, they would probably rather endure a year of grounding than the humiliation involved in some of these zany acts. In most cases, it isn't clear if these oddball sanctions were effective; but all of them are most certainly entertaining. These are unconventional ways to parent your children, but if it works, who cares, right?

What are weird parental punishments? Take a look here and see for yourself.
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    Parents Put Dog Poop in Son's Backpack

    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sergeant Grady Machnick and his wife, a former elementary school principal, said they had tried just about everything to reprimand their son when he ignored his chores, stole and cursed. When the boy neglected to pick up after the household pooches, his parents placed dog feces inside their son's backpack before he headed off for school.

    The parents were both eventually charged with child abuse. In court, Mr. Machnick admitted to a number of other strange punishment methods, like making his son sleep in the backyard with dog blankets and pillows, forced to walk to the nearest park restroom to relieve himself.

    Find the complete story here.
  2. 2

    Rosario Dawson Licked by Mom

    Actress Rosario Dawson has stated that her mom, whom she describes as "radical," used to punish her misdeeds with a few licks of the tongue. "She’d lick me like I was her wee pup and she was a lioness. It was humiliating and really intense," said the star of Sin City and Deathproof.

    Ultimately, Dawson admitted that the punishment worked. She also noted that her mother was offbeat in more ways than just her child-rearing methods, and would show up for P.T.A meetings with a giant nose ring.

    She also says that she has opted for a relatively conservative lifestyle today as a result of having such an unconventional mother.

    Read the full scoop here.
  3. 3

    Dad Makes Daughter Sword Fight

    One father in Washington State "went Medieval" on his 16-year-old daughter when she left home without permission. He made the teen don armor and wield a wooden sword so that the two could resolve their conflict in a decidedly non-peaceful way. This sword battle occurred only after the 38-year-old hit his daughter with a switch, leaving bruises.

    The authorities were called, and the dad reportedly defended himself by claiming since the girl was 16, she was old enough to fight out their differences. This was not enough to convince officials, who ended up charging him with assault. The mother was arrested as well, and charged with accessory to assault with a deadly weapon.

    Check out the full story here.
  4. 4

    Parents Place Ad Volunteering Daughter for Babysitting Services

    Teen Punishment Ad Provokes Nasty Comments:

    When Robert and Wendy Rausch of Southlake, Texas learned that their 16-year-old daughter Kirstin had broken her curfew, they decided to volunteer the teen for babysitting services via an ad in the local paper. The ad, complete with the daughter's photo, screamed in large, bold print, ''Want a FREE BABYSITTER for a night out?" In all, mom and dad sentenced the girl to 30 hours of work.

    The ad caused quite a controversy after TV and radio outlets got hold of the story.

    Mr. and Mrs. Rausch claimed to think that the idea was humorous until bloggers and anonymous Internet folk started posting insulting things about the family, referring to Dad as a pimp and poking fun of the way Kirstin dressed. Still, Robert Rausch upholds that he does not regret placing the ad.
  5. 5

    Mother Forces Hot Sauce in Son's Mouth

    Jessica Beagley caused quite the media stir when the Dr. Phil show aired footage of her dousing her 7-year-old son's mouth with hot sauce when he got caught lying. After instructing the boy to swish the fiery liquid around in his mouth, she directed him to the tub for a cold shower.

    The clip was shot by Beagley's 10-year-old daughter. The mom has six children in all, and provided the video to Dr. Phil herself for an episode on parenting.

    While this punishment was seen by many as cruel, it was actually recommended by author/actress Lisa Whelchel (of Facts of Life fame) in her book on child-rearing, Creative Correction. In addition, the method was endorsed by a third of respondents to a TODAY Show survey.

    Click here for details.
  6. 6

    Parents Make Son Wear Sign Displaying Poor Grades

    Corner punishment is working, Mom says:

    Trenton just couldn't keep his grades up. His parents had made numerous attempts to right the issue, like tutoring and even testing for learning disabilities. All had failed, much like the boy's scores. Finally, father Don decided it was time for a new approach. He punished Trey (called Trey familiarly) by making him stand on a street corner with a sign displaying his grades.

    Trey actually chose this punishment over his other option, which was to forgo his cell phone for two weeks. Despite this, the Generals got a visit from Chesapeake Child Protective Services, who wanted to check on the boy's well-being after word spread about the strange sanctioning. The parental community has been highly supportive of the act, with many clamoring to try this out on their own offspring.
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