The 8 Craziest (Real) Secret Service Overreactions Events
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The 8 Craziest (Real) Secret Service Overreactions

Here in the United States, we live under the constant and all-seeing eye of the government. This list is indisputable proof. They listen to what we say, watch what we do, and then interpret it, which is fine. But sometimes, they react a little too quickly. Here are some of the most unfounded and insanely obscure times they have done so. And just for fun, here's a test to see if they track me down: I think the President has a weird haircut. I'm going to style it for him in his sleep this weekend. Email me for details. *rolls dice*
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    Secret Service Interrogates 7th Grader for Facebook Post

    Recently in Tacoma, WA, a 7th grader named Vito LaPinta was pulled out of class by an ...
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    Suburban Mother Questioned Over a Phone Call

    Sue Velesquez, 52, was on the phone with a local civil service office about getting her ...
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    Secret Service Goes Nuts Over Facebook Poll Asking If Obama Should Be Killed

    In Fall of 2009, Facebook enabled a feature allowing its users to create and then vote in ... more
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    UFC Fighter Jacob Volkmann Interviewed After Post-Fight Remark

    In January, Jacob Volkmann, a UFC fighter, was interviewed after one of his competitions and, ... more
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    Eminem Investigated Over Song Lyrics

    Back in 2003, a leak of Eminem's upcoming song "We As Americans" featured the ...
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    Pastor Prays for Obama to Die, SS Interrogates

    Okay, this idiot should've seen it coming. Listen to his sermon. His leading quote from it? ... more
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    Secret Service Insults Fox News on Twitter... Takes It Back

    Okay, this one's just kind of funny. The (I refuse to write the word "Tweet"...
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    Multiple Artists Questioned/Harassed Over Their Drawing of Presidents in Danger

    There are a few cases of this, so in the interest of time and conservation, here are a few of ... more

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