The 8 Craziest Southwest Airlines Overreactions People
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The 8 Craziest Southwest Airlines Overreactions

Southwest Airlines has been in the media recently for allegedly booting former star of "The L Word" Leisha Hailey and her girlfriend off a flight for sharing a same-sex kiss. But did you know that Southwest has been crazily overreacting to things for years?

It's true. Most, if not all, of the stories you've heard about celebrities and us ordinary folk getting unnecessarily grounded from flights have been from Southwest Airlines. And these are the tales of discrimination we KNOW about. Who can say how many victims of Southwest's lunacy are out there right now, still huddled together in terminals, altering their clothing or frantically dieting hoping to one day board a flight?

I like to think there is one man sitting high atop an air flight control tower that watches people pass through the metal detectors and holds his thumb out to decide whether people are worthy enough to fly Southwest, gladiator style. Or maybe they only accept resumes from people with a history of mental illness.

Whatever the reason, here are 8 examples of Southwest deciding who and what's acceptable to fly, the only way they know how...rudely and dramatically. Enjoy!

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    Former "L Word" Star Kicked-off Flight for "Lesbian Behavior"

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    Leisha Hailey was engaged in a public display of affection with her girlfriend when a flight attendant informed her that such behavior didn't fly with Southwest. "This is a family airline," The attendant is supposed to have said.

    Hailey objected immediately to homosexuality being "anti-family," but once a disagreement started, they were asked to leave the plane. Hailey jumped on Twitter right after the incident calling for a boycott of Southwest Airlines for their homophobic behavior.

    Southwest has maintained that their decision to confront the ladies was based on "excessive behavior" and not on gender, although they have not made clear what they consider to be "excessive." They also stated that banning from the lesbians from the air was done because "the conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground," enacting the airlines "ground now, ask questions later" policy.

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