The 8 Largest Terrorist Attacks Thwarted by the US Events
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The 8 Largest Terrorist Attacks Thwarted by the US

Some of the largest terrorist attacks thwarted by the U.S. include attempts by terrorist suspects to bring down commercial airliners, plans to bomb U.S. landmarks and religious institutions, and attempts to injure or kill U.S. soldiers on American soil. These are some of the biggest terror attacks that have been foiled. In some cases, FBI informants have led to thwarted terrorist attacks. That's the case with the May 2012 underwear bombing plot. Reports say members of Al-Qaida in Yemen wanted to bring down a large jet bound for the United States, using a modified "underwear bomb." That plan was foiled by a CIA informant, who managed to infiltrate Al-Qaida, posing as a would-be suicide bomber.

Were all these terror plots thwarted by the government? Nope. Some of the terror plots listed here were thwarted by the U.S. Government. In May of 2010, two (thankfully) observant street vendors in New York's Times Square spotted a suspicious SUV with smoke coming out of it. They alerted police, and a terrorist bombing attack was foiled. Flight attendants and passengers helped to thwart "shoe bomber" Richard Reid's attempts to bring down American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami just months after 9/11. This list includes some of the biggest, most potentially deadly terrorist attacks that were stopped, whether it's by CIA or FBI informants/operatives or regular, highly observant, quick-acting citizens.

How many terrorist attacks has the U.S. government stopped? This list will answer that question.

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    CIA Foils Underwear Bomb Plot (May 2012)

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    The Plan: Using an upgraded version of an underwear bomb, members of Al-Qaida in Yemen purportedly wanted to bring down a commercial airliner bound for the U.S. The plan, which was still in the early stages, was to set off the device and blow up a plane around the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death.

    How It Was Thwarted: The latest underwear bomb plot was disrupted when a CIA informant, posing as an Al-Qaida suicide bomber, got the device and promptly delivered it to U.S. authorities. Amazingly, the CIA informant was able to infiltrate Al-Qaida in Yemen, pose successfully as a suicide bomber, and totally disband the deadly plot by taking the bomb directly to intelligence authorities.

    The Outcome: No information was being released about the CIA informant's identity (for security reasons, obviously). The FBI was said to be studying the device, in hopes that it will allow for greater bomb-detection security measures in the future. The whereabouts of the man suspected of building the device, Al-Qaida's so-called "master bomb maker," Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, were unknown.

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