The 8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels Video Games
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The 8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels

From water levels, to ice levels, to "moving" levels, to escort missions, many games have fallen into designing levels/missions for us with the same kind of challenges and mechanics. From our 8-bit days, all the way to the most modern of games, we've retained a lot of level types and a lot of these types have retained what makes them so annoying. Here are the most annoying types of video game levels.

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    Protection, or "Escort" Levels (or "Missions)

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    Remember having to go home after a long day of school, then knowing your friends were going to be playing nearby, or going to the mall, or going out to the movies, and your parents said you could do all that... as long as you brought your little brother (or sister)?

    That's what Protection Levels are like.

    Remember that game you were having so much fun playing? Yeah, well now you have a little sidekick next to you, slowing you down, getting hurt (and often that causes you to have to replay the level more often than you would otherwise).

    A lot of times, these levels are completely fun when done correctly. They add to the feel of the game and help you create an emotional bond with the character you're protecting, so they you actually care about the fact that they live. It puts you "in" the game.

    But when done incorrectly (most of the time), these characters just act like a long tail that if hit, will kill you IMMEDIATELY.

    Some examples are Resident Evil 4 (and 2) and most notably Dead Rising. Dead Rising doesn't just give you one person to protect. It gives you DOZENS. Sometimes you have a small crowd behind you that you have to keep safe, and apparently they're all paralyzed in every limb except their legs, their reflexes about 2 seconds behind yours.

    And who can forget the final levels of ODST, as you have to protect a type of creature you've been blowing up the whole game. Oops.

    It's awesome when two characters bond, but when you have to carry around dead weight, it becomes absolutely obnoxious.

    Another example of this is the ENTIRE GAME of Left4Dead. It's an absolutely amazing game, but one of the most challenging parts of it is how you NEED your teammates, but if you play socially online, you're most likely playing with people worse than you. This turns Left4Dead into a protection level.

    Here's a video of how to be a complete jerk during that game.

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