The 8 Most Badass Flowers in Video Games Video Games
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The 8 Most Badass Flowers in Video Games

In honor of every outlet in the world making a "badass characters" list in honor of the manliest movie of the year coming out this month (The Expendables), we've gone the other way. What's the opposite of manly? Ponies. What's even girlier? Flowers. So since they get such a bad rap, here are the 8 most badass flowers in video game history. Wake up and smell the roses. The deadly, deadly roses.

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    The Bomb Flower, Legend of Zelda Series

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    The Bomb Flower is so unbelievably badass because it is the exact type of flower that, if possible, we would send to a recent ex on their birthday with a card that reads "Boom".

    The Bomb Flower is exactly what it sounds like. It's a flower that effing EXPLODES. That is its sole purpose. It's a flower, that grows and lives solely to be a bob-omb-style explosive that Link then uses throughout his travels to blow up bad guys and essentially save the world. The cool little bombs that were a special treat to lay whenever you could spare one in the original Legend of Zelda haven't let us down through various iterations of the saga and continue to be one of the greatest flowers in games.

    Most flowers will have edible fruit, or fruit that is used for survival/procreation purposes... the Bomb Flower's fruit is raw material for BOMBS.

    Needless to say, this flower is "The Bomb" and its fruits/sex life are nothing short of explosive (you're welcome).

    Here's Link in Ocarina of Time, taking down HUGE enemies using this absolutely awesome flower.

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