The 8 Most Brutal Deaths of Saints Causes of Death
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The 8 Most Brutal Deaths of Saints

St. Patrick's Day is an excuse for Americans to party (read: get drunk), wear green clothes and eat all kinds of green food that any other time of year would look rotten. The Patron Saint of Ireland for which the holiday is named after was actually the son of two Romans living in Britain. He dedicated his life to converting the Irish from polytheism to Christianity, using the shamrock to explain the Trinity. Unlike most saints, St. Patrick was actually celebrated for his piety during his lifetime. He died peacefully of old age and received a proper burial at the time. Not everyone was that lucky.

What Saints died horrible deaths? Here are all the saints who died horrible, horrible deaths.

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    Sts. Perpetua and Felicity - Thrown to the Cows After Giving Birth

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    In one of the earliest pieces of writing by a Christian woman, Perpetua narrated her account of her martyrdom in 203. It wasn't very funny. The twenty-two year old had been raised by a wealthy Pagan father and was married with a son. Perpetua accomplished quite a bit for a woman at that age, actually.

    So, against her father'€™s will, she converted to Christianity, even knowing her decision would lead to her death. So, she was separated from her child and imprisoned in an overcrowded and dark prison -- which goes to show that when acting out rebellion as a young woman, you should probably pick your battles.

    Perpetua'™s slave Felicity, who was eight months pregnant (who she just had to have because if everyone else at school had a slave, she had to have one too) was also held captive.

    There's nothing more useful than a pregnant slave.

    Roman law forbade the execution of pregnant women, because c'€™mon, they weren'€™t monsters -- they would plan it so that she would be executed the day after giving birth.

    On the day of the execution, the women were thrown naked into an arena with a wild cow -- and yes, a wild cow is the best they could do at the time.

    The crowd feasted in honor of Caesar'€™s birthday because executions are just the perfect occasion for a family picnic

    The jeering and up-until-now-unsympathetic crowd took pity on the two women because they saw that that one of them had just given birth. And in an act that epitomizes human compassion, the crowd decided to let them be clothed and to just have their throats cut instead. Why the crowd weren'€™t also made Saints is an absolute mystery.

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