The 8 Most Dangerous Restaurants in the World All Places
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The 8 Most Dangerous Restaurants in the World

For enough money, unique restaurants around the world offer adventurous dining experiences for thrill-seekers. At these restaurants, which include the Mt. Huashan Teahouse and the dining rooms suspended in the sky above global cities, you have to earn your food by overcoming your fear of heights or claustrophobia. You decide if these restaurants have taken their themes too far or are worthy entrepreneurial risks.

These hot spots are not only the world's most dangerous restaurants, but also some of the weirdest we've ever come across as well. These spots also prove that people are excited by some really bizarre things, such as the option to plunge to your death en route to a teahouse in China located on a steep mountain, or the chance to dine in a creepy prison/hospital, complete with severed limbs and handcuffs.

What are the most dangerous restaurants in the world? Far from your average restaurant, these eateries attract some of the most brave and most daring diners around. Enjoy your meal, if you can.

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    The Huashan Teahouse in China

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    The average person enjoys tea and taking a hike, but would you be daring enough to take a hike up Mt. Huashan in Huayin, China, for a cup of tea?

    The teahouse was originally a Taoist temple and completes the five mountain peaks in the area that form the image of a flower.

    The trip up the mountain is long and grueling, not to mention the possibility of falling off the side and plummeting down to, know.

    First, a tram take visitors to the path:


    When does it become terrifying? Immediately. Unharnessed guests have to tiptoe their way across the mountain on tiny wooden planks that are haphazardly nailed together while holding on to dear life with measly chains...

    Oh, and whoever built this path to the teahouse decided to be so kind as to dig out toe holes for climbers. That'll keep you from death, surely.

    If you've been lucky enough to make it this far, you'll have to climb the world's steepest staircase, secured by a fence. Can see the fence? Oh don't worry, it's there. It's actually that tiny:

    Finally, you've made it to the teahouse! It must be a damn good cup of tea. Now for the easy way down...

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