The 9 Most Infamous Killer Prostitutes of All Time Anything
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The 9 Most Infamous Killer Prostitutes of All Time

They put the 'ass' in assassination: the world's most infamous killer prostitutes of all time. From the nineteenth century through to the present day, this list shows you the most terrifying prostitutes of their time. These murders are the very definition of crimes of passion, with unsuspecting men getting much more than they bargained for when they went out looking for some adult entertainment. 

From girlfriends who go mad with jealously, to those who crack under the pressure of life, to women who simply love to kill, this list has them all. The power prostitution has over society was rife in the nineteenth century, as shown in numbers 3 and 4. Who knew that the Wild West was really that wild? There are murders in this list that will shock and surprise you, with even the most modern of women turning to murder during a psychotic break. 

Sadly in the cases shown here, the world's oldest profession often leads to the world's oldest sin that doesn't involve eating fruit (murder). Here is a list of the craziest, most infamous killer prostitutes in history, in no particular order.

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    Til Death Do Us Part

    Rosemary and Fred West may look like an ordinary couple, but this woman is one of the most disturbing on this list. Growing up in a world of abuse, she grew up to marry Fred and become a prostitute, with her husband's consent and approval. One of her most regular clients that visited her (while Fred watched) was her father, who would also stick around to rape one of Rosemary's 8 children.

    Clearly not made out for motherhood or humanity, Rosemary helped Fred in the kidnapping, torture, rape and eventual murder of at least 10 young girls. They would pick up innocent women at bus stops around the area, inviting them in to their house for food and shelter, before the terrible ritual would begin. 

    Their victims included 2 of their daughters, and the sexual abuse and rape of 3 others (out of those that would talk). 

    Although Fred West committed suicide waiting for trial, Rosemary is currently serving a whole life tariff in prison in England - one of only 2 women in the whole of British history to be condemned to die in prison. 

  2. 2

    Fake Hookers Kill Mexican Wrestling Midgets

    The story goes that two twin wrestlers from the wonderful world of 'Lucha Mini' Mexican little-person wrestling were somehow seduced by two normal-sized women in July of 2009.

    The women were part of an organized crime gang who often pose as prostitutes to gather a little attention. It worked. Sometime during the night, the women spiked the twins' drinks, as the crime syndicate usually does. Now, the women know to give men a certain dosage to knock them out long enough to be robbed, so they stuck by what they knew and gave the twins the normal-sized dosage.

    It was no small mistake, though, as these women ended up accidentally poisoning the two Luchi Mini wrestlers because the dosage of drugs they fed them was too high for their small bodies to take.

    Normally, this drug would knock a man out and he would re-awaken a few hours later. Unknowingly, the two fake prostitutes robbed the men of their belongings while they were slowly dying.

    Click here for the full news story.

  3. 3

    Prostitute/Porn Star Kills Tattoo Artist At Sex Party

    Amanda Logue was a porn star who owned a lingerie shop and occasionally dabbled in prostitution, much like some women do with pottery or knitting.

    She and her boyfriend, Jason Andrews, had a gathered a sizable Internet and Twitter following and were making money off of her body. Soon after, she was hired by a tattoo artist to be the prostitute for a Requiem For a Dream style sex party. Before the event, Andrews (the boyfriend), wrote on Twitter that they were "killing time waiting for a party to find us." 

    Records show the two exchanged the following text messages:

    Andrews: "I'm so glad you're really commited (sic) to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc (sic) for me!"

    Logue: "I'm (expletive) exited (sic) … I want to (have sex) after we kill hum (sic)."

    Andrews: "You just get him relaxed and face down … Take. Your. Time."

    The next day, Logue tweeted that her and Andrews were lying around the couch, eating popcorn and watching movies. As they did that, their victim was found lying on the bed, blood splattered on the walls and on the ceiling fan, pounded to death by a sledge hammer with $6,000 and all his credit cards missing. Logue and Andrews would be arrested weeks later.

    Click here for full story.

    FUN FACT: that trashy heart necklace she's wearing in the picture is made of actual, dried, human hearts.

  4. 4

    So Popular With Politicians She Was Pardoned

    Bridget Fury, also known as Delia Swift, started out her criminal career in the 1850s with manslaughter and then followed that by escaping her jail cell in Ohio, which at the time couldn't have been more difficult than beckoning a dog that happened to have the keys in its mouth.

    She then fled to New Orleans, a shady place full of rough-house gangs and loose law. (No, really. This happened and this is a real person.) 

    Imagine Bourbon Street gone completely wild. At the time, it was so government-free that when Ohio tried to extradite her, all she had to do to avoid extradition was stay in New Orleans and regular in their crazy brothels.

    Known as "The Fury" because of her fiery red hair, she was known for running around and stabbing countless men, probably in a completely inebriated, insane state of self-hatred, STDs and shanty-song fatigue. When finally convicted of one murder by the completely hopeless police, she was fittingly sent to the penitentiary.

    BUT the higher politicians liked her and the services she so masterfully provided so much that she was pardoned after a year and was back out on the streets soon after, banging and stabbing her way through the South.

    Click here for the historical account and more photo-accurate depictions of history like the one above

  5. 5

    Killed The Man Who Had An Iron Ball For A Hand

    Along with Bridget Fury above, Mary Jane 'Bricktop' Jackson also legendarily roamed the streets of seedy New Orleans and in eight years killed four men. Along with a career in the dance-houses in New Orleans, she was reported to have a favorite knife she designed herself, "it had a heavy five-inch blade at each end, with a center grip handsomely mounted in German silver". 

    In 1857, she moved into a house with Bridget Fury after having been banned from the dance-houses and became a prostitute out of necessity. With her weapon, she could cut and slash in any direction "without changing the position of her hand," according to her. It's safe to assume that many men fell to her blade before the murder that inspired her disappearance. Needless to say, she was a complete psychopath, who fittingly had Fury as her also-murderous-prostitute roommate, which only could have been the worst possible influence.

    In 1861, she "brutalized" John Miller, a former boxer who - get this - lost his left arm in a fight and fastened AN IRON BALL AND CHAIN TO THE STUMP. He made his arm into a mace. You know that REAL men have died out once we live in a time where it doesn't seem reasonable/necessary to attach a medieval weapon to where one of your most important limbs used to be. Oh, the good old days.

    As recorded in this book , the way everything got started was that Miller (the guy with the Bond-villain arm) threatened Bricktop (the girl with the unsexiest prostitute name ever) with a whip, and said she needed to be lashed (while probably wasted out of his mind, or just bored from busting in too many heads with his awesome cannonball-arm).

    Bricktop stepped forward, snatched the whip defensively and beat him. He attacked with his iron ball, charging at her, but she was able to actually take the ball and use it to drag him down to the floor. As a last resort, he tried to stab her, but she pushed him up against the wall and furiously knifed the beejesus out of him using her pride and joy.

    She was sent to prison, released a year later, and never heard from again.

    Click here for the pages detailing the fight.

  6. 6

    The House of Blood Murders

    Edith McAlinden was a drifting homeless woman and prostitute who, in 2004, was released from a nine month stint in jail for a serious assault. She went to her boyfriend's flat after a drinking match and killed him by stabbing him in the thigh.

    There were two witnesses in the apartment at the time, so she called up her son and his friend to help her "take care" of them. The son and his friend, naturally, brought what everyone in their position would to "take care" of people: an arsenal of weapons including an axe, a baseball bat, golf clubs, a hammer, boiling water (which, come to think of it, must have been like cooled soup by the time they used it), knives, metal files, a belt for whackin' and pieces of wood (you know, just in case).

    When the police found them hours later, McAlinden was clutching to her boyfriend's body screaming at him to wake up, obviously completely out of her mind; clearly not realizing that a limp body in a flat where, according to police reports "there was so much blood in the flat that it was impossible to be precise about the details of the violence" meant that the guy was dead.

    Police described the scene as "the most chilling I have ever visited".

    Click here for full news story

  7. 7

    First Female Serial Killer (From That Charlize Theron Movie)

    Infamous for killing seven men while working as a prostitute, Aileen Wuornos's story was so affecting they even made a movie about her (Which was Monster, famous for Charlize Theron's Oscar winning portrayal of Wuornos and making Charlize Theron look somehow unattractive).

    Following a history of childhood abuse, sexual assault, and a pregnancy at 14, she first got into the prostitution thing at 15 to support herself, because who wants to flip burgers or pump gas when you could flip mattresses and pump... moving on....

    She would continually be arrested for assault and she would spend time in jail for armed robbery throughout her life. The string of crimes along with her continuing work as a prostitute made something inside of her snap, and in 1989 she went on a spree of a series of murders, killing seven.

    Six of the bodies were found abandoned in the woods or in their owners' cars, showing that work ethic wasn't her strong suit. Their bodies had been shot multiple times. The seventh body was never found.

    Wuornos was apprehended in 1991. She claimed the murders were in self-defense, but she was convicted and received a death sentence. Up to her execution, there was much debate about whether she was mentally sane or not and the media did a lot of questioning of Wuornos's motives in the killings. Was it self-defense or was Wuornos holding in so much anger and pain that she took it out on someone she felt was threatening her and denied it to herself later on?

    Either way, her life experiences fully convinced her she wanted to die and that if she was released, she would kill again, no question. She was executed in 2002. 

  8. 8

    College Student Murders Massage Parlor Client

    Barbara Hoffman was a Madison, Wisconsin college student with eyes almost as bright as her future who was set to graduate in the 1970's. So it was actually quite shocking when she was discovered to have been moonlighting at a "massage parlor". How was she discovered? Well, just to show that living a double life was not her strong suit, she murdered one of her clients.

    In the early morning hours, she rang her boyfriend Gerald Davies, claiming that she had found a dead body outside her apartment (who just happened to also be her client) and that she needed his help to move it. Unbelievably, he took her word for it and helped to relocate and bury the body somewhere else (because relocating a body doesn't strike anyone as suspicious these days).  

    However, her boyfriend later reported her to the police and was made a key witness during the investigation. It seems strange that they would even need a witness since one of the other factors incriminating her was the fact that the dead client had made her the beneficiary of his life insurance policy and co-owner of his home in the time of his death, making her the logical suspect.

    Her boyfriend, whom she actually met at that same "massage parlor", was found dead in a bathtub a few months lateer, poisoned from cyanide.

    The coroner then examined the organs of the first death and found cyanide levels 37 times the lethal dose, because better safe than sorry. The head injuries were estimated to be the results of intense convulsions.

    Hoffman went to trial and was found guilty of murder because she was a horrible, horrible criminal who had no idea how to hide her actions. She has been incarcerated ever since and will not comment on her crimes, most likely because, along with ruining her entire life, they're pretty freakin' embarrassing.

  9. 9

    So Legendary A Band Was Named After Her

    This prostitute was so legendary that the Southern Rock band Molly Hatchet named themselves after her and her legend.

    According to legend, in the 17th century, Molly Hatchet would sell her body exclusively to wealthy men. Following coitus, she would mutilate and decapitate all her clients with a hatchet. If science had been ANY better back then, she would have been called the Praying Mantis. Or Molly the Mantis. Big missed opportunity there.

    But, because it made the most sense at the time, they named her Molly Hatchet.

    Her actions became elements of common folklore, enough for the rock band Molly Hatchet to take notice and christen themselves with her name, and enough for differing legends of her to exist all over the U.S.

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