The 9 Most Infamous Killer Prostitutes of All Time

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They put the 'ass' in assassination: the world's most infamous killer prostitutes of all time. From the nineteenth century through to the present day, this list shows you the most terrifying prostitutes of their time. These murders are the very definition of crimes of passion, with unsuspecting men getting much more than they bargained for when they went out looking for some adult entertainment. 

From girlfriends who go mad with jealously, to those who crack under the pressure of life, to women who simply love to kill, this list has them all. The power prostitution has over society was rife in the nineteenth century, as shown in numbers 3 and 4. Who knew that the Wild West was really that wild? There are murders in this list that will shock and surprise you, with even the most modern of women turning to murder during a psychotic break. 

Sadly in the cases shown here, the world's oldest profession often leads to the world's oldest sin that doesn't involve eating fruit (murder). Here is a list of the craziest, most infamous killer prostitutes in history, in no particular order.
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