us presidents The 8 Most Offensive Barack Obama Moments  

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George W. Bush had his slew of off-color statements that Liberals took feverish delight in tearing apart. Well, Barack Obama has had his fair share of ridiculous statements that give the other side plenty of ammunition to fire right on back.

Here are the eight most cringe-worthy moments in all their glory...or horror, depending on which way you look at it.

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Obama Doesn't Know How Many States We Have

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"Hey, Obama, how many states have you traveled to?"

Obama answers.

"...wait, what?"

We know it's a lot to ask, but we like our presidents to know how many states we have in the union before they get TOO far. Just sayin'.

Romantic Date Night While Troops Are Dying

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Sure, everyone deserves a break, right? But it's probably not a good idea to take that break if you're the President of the United States during wartime and three troops died within 24 hours of a $40,000 date in New York City.

Sure, you can continue to live your life a little, even though you're the President and have the f*ture of the free world on your shoulders... but maybe the timing should be a little better next time?

Look on the bright side, for a Democratic president who is described as charismatic as Kennedy and Clinton, at least he was going out with his WIFE.

Burns Thousands of Gallons of Jet Fuel and Then Plants a Tree

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On Earth Day 2009, a day in which many people don't even drive their car to work, Obama planted a tree and then gave a speech about wind energy.

Unfortunately, he traveled to and from Iowa to do so. This means he burned over 7,000 gallons of jet fuel to make this trip and to plant that single tree. Isn't that kind of like stealing a car, robbing a bank, then getting home and accidentally dinging a car... then leaving a note?

Obama Makes Fun of the Special Olympics

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Ok, so we've probably all made jokes about the Special Olympics at some point in our lives, but the difference between us and Obama is that we didn't make fun of them while being President of The United States.

For the sound bite, please go to 00:20 in this video.

Obama Gives The UK Horrible Horrible Gifts

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In early 2009, met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Washington. The Prime Minister gave President Obama the fine gift of a pen holder made from parts of the circa 19th century British warship HMS President, which is awesome because the desk in the oval office is made from the HMS President's sister ship the HMS Resolute. A pretty great gift, right?

Not to be outdone, Obama brought Gordon Brown 25 American DVDs. A symbol of the American people... and their ignorance. The DVDs he gave Gordon Brown were region 1 MDSC which means that they are completely useless in the U.K., but as this lighthearted video points out, makes them much easier to sell on eBay.

On a side note, later on, he gave the Queen of England an iPod on a visit to Buckingham Palace. Maybe they came in a bundle when they got them for the kids for Christmas.

Obama Refuses to Answer a Question...and Comes Off a Little Sexist

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Don't you just love how politicians go to places of need like an auto plant to pose in cars and shake hands only to not answer a question like the one found at 00:30? We know we sure do. Not only does he completely discount a woman trying to ask him a question, he calls her a demeaning name and then ends up never answering her question.

Obama Overstates the Kansas Deathtoll...By a Lot

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During his bid for the presidency, Obama went to Kansas after they had a devastating tornado hit. Just how devastating was it? According to Obama, it killed 10,000 people. In reality, only 12 were killed. Come on, he was just off by 9,988...that's...well, that's...alright, that's pretty bad.

Obama Says Nancy Reagan Conjures Spirits

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To start his presidency off right, during his first press conference, Barack Obama said that he'd spoken to "all former presidents" and then back peddled saying he had spoken to all "living presidents", exacting that he didn't want to go into a "Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, seances".

This was all only because at some point Nancy Reagan had been said to use an astrologer to help determine President Reagan's schedule during his presidency.

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