The 9 Craziest Pregnant Women in News Report History

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Anybody who has another human being growing inside them for nine months has the right to go a little crazy. But these pregnant women have taken their crazy nine-month phase to a whole new level. From drunk-robbing a taco shop with a hammer to getting into a full-on fist fight at a parking lot to getting their fourth DUI, these pregnant maniacs prove that expecting a baby does not always lead to self-improvement. Here are the 9 craziest pregnant women in news report history.

So what's the craziest thing a pregnant woman has done? That remains to be seen but there's no doubt that if a pregnant woman does something bonkers, she'll end up on this list.
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    Pregnant Woman Gets Family Arrested in Chuck E. Cheese

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    Contrary to popular belief, Chuck E. Cheese is actually more of a playground for adults than it is for children. Especially when flasks, fighting and pizza are involved.

    Eighteen-year-old Juaneka Key was pregnant and at Chuck E. Cheese celebrating her 2-year-old son's birthday (yes, do the math, this girl should discover condoms). However, the party soon turned sour when a woman asked how long she was going to take at the vending machine.

    Well, you KNOW you ain't gonna ask a pregnant lady that. Prompted, Key (the pregnant woman) unleashed all sorts of attitude and said she "was going to take her time." (Oh no she di'in't.) And soon, an argument developed between the two women and that's when Key called in the troops. Her step-dad, Terence Dickerson, punched the woman in the left eye and Key's mom, sister and boyfriend also joined in - family style. Soon all chaos broke out in the family pizzeria and the victim's family got involved and even other people who had no reason to get involved got involved.

    Juaneka Key and all four of her family members ended up getting arrested on charges of Disorderly Conduct and Inciting a Riot. Don't worry the-little-boy-whose-birthday-we're-supposed-to-be-celebrating, one day you'll be old enough to ditch your parents at home.

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    18 Year Old Pregnant Woman Arrested for DUI (FIVE TIMES OVER the Legal Limit)

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    A pregnant teen in New Zealand was six months pregnant in January 2008 and decided to get piss drunk. Which we all know is a great idea when pregnant.

    The 19-year-old and three of her friends were stopped by a cop in the small town of Te Puke (yes, we all get the irony, world) and she was arrested for DUI.

    Her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit - the point where most people actually lose their consciousness and sometimes die - but she was behind the wheel because all her other friends in the car were even more drunk or passed out and because, c'mon, she was drinking for two.

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    Drunk Pregnant Woman Robs a Taco Place with a Hammer for Crack Money (and a Taco)

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    This pregnant woman fails on all kinds of levels in this crime because 1) she's drunk, 2) she's drunk and tries to rob a Taco John's 3) she's drunk and tries to rob a Taco John's with A HAMMER and 4) she's drunk and tries to rob a Taco John's with a hammer and fails.

    Julie Bailey was so inebriated that she couldn't even start the robbery before it came to an end.

    Apparently, she had some trouble getting the hammer out of her shorts when she demanded the Taco John's teller to hand over some cash, and a soft shell taco.

    ... A soft shell taco. I hear that in some places they call soft shells "tortillas." Also, just ONE taco? You kinda have to hand it to this pregnant woman for displaying some amount of restraint here. I mean it's not like she was getting greedy.

    After her major fumble she tried getting away, but the cops spotted her pink slippers from a mile away. The fact that she was holding a hammer didn't help either. Oh yeah, and this all happened when Bailey's roommate threatened to kick her out if she didn't come up with enough money to buy crack cocaine. Well, that's another fail.

    The biggest fail here by far though, is the woman's baby daddy because 1) he tapped that.

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    Pregnant Woman Stabs 3 People

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    A 7-months-pregnant woman in Massachusetts was arrested for stabbing three people with a knife in April 2010.

    She took two of her three children to the Manton Heights Housing Project to visit their aunt when she busted a knife out from under her shirt Guy-with-the-cheap-mask-from-the-Scream-movies on three individuals. The victims, ages 37, 18 and 13, all suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

    A good thing, because then they wouldn't have had to meet their attacker ever again. Why? Well get this, the woman/mother of three also worked as an emergency-room coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Her moonlighting as a crazy slasher was just something she did on the side.

    Pregnant stabbing suspect faces judge:

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    Pregnant Woman Robs Domino's Pizza

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    Where was her boyfriend when she needed him? For all the guys with a pregnant girlfriend, or wife, don't ever let them satisfy their cravings on their own. 'Cause it can get dangerous. Seriously. Use this as a cautionary tale.

    Seven-months-pregnant Rochelle Margaret Hailey obviously woke up alone in bed in June 2009 when she was struck with a huge Domino's pizza craving. She did what every hungry, unleashed pregnant woman would do when she needs food: she loaded up a gun and started walking.

    According to investigation reports, Hailey, 21, went up to a Domino's Pizza assistant manager at 2:17AM and pointed a gun at her, demanding money.

    My guess is they didn't have fresh pizza in the oven at that hour so money was the second best thing... to eat.

    Anyway, Hailey cleaned out the restaurant's safe and ran. She didn't get far before the police caught up to her and recovered the stolen money.

    She was charged with Armed Robbery, Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime and Theft By Receiving Stolen Property.

    And this is why you should always have frozen pizza handy. Or at least those awesome Lava Cakes that they have.

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    2 Pregnant Women Throwdown in a Parking Lot

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    This is actually not very funny. It's just kind of ridiculous. But it happened. All in a Burger King parking lot in Oakland.

    Before telling you what happens in this 10-minute Burger King anti-commercial, let's just explore this: TWO PREGNANT WOMEN. Seriously. What the hell? If you're pregnant, you 1) Shouldn't be getting into fist fights 2) Shouldn't be INCITING fist fights and 3) Probably shouldn't be eating at Burger King.

    I know that some people are just too uneducated to deal with their rage issues or their anger appropriately, but when you're pregnant isn't there like an animal instinct that tells you not to get into fisticuffs for fear of losing what you've been working for for MONTHS on end? It's a human LIFE! I mean, if you're even if you're anti-choice or pro-choice, it's pretty s**tty when you lose 3 hours worth of work on an ESSAY, let alone a life. So why put this at risk?

    Some people are just stupid... and highly entertaining on YouTube. So here's what happens:

    The video starts off with a pregnant woman and her friend attacking another (allegedly) pregnant woman.

    They take turns hitting and slapping her probably over a place in line at Burger King (which strangely is how a lot of these videos start), until she starts getting real feisty and kicking the pregnant woman in the belly.

    They're pulled apart and the fight dies down for a bit.

    The second round, though, comes back meaner and stronger with the victim of the first attack grabbing her friend and pounding it out on the pregnant girl. By then the pregnant has switched outfit (cuz her clothes were pulled off in the first fight) but she is still pretty pregnant. That doesn't mean a thing to the attackers though. They straight on throw her to the ground and hit her till there's no tomorrow. Wait, there is tomorrow. In a form of a dude who punches the pregnant girl in the face.


    WHO DOES THAT?!?! Oh, right, Oakland people who try to straighten things out in a Burger King parking lot do. Get your act together, Oakland.

    Gosh... and this story isn't even OVER yet. After suffering a complete beatdown, the pregnant lady still has the gall to throw a high chair at the enemy posse's car. An old lady passing by sees this and starts lecturing the girl about how she should be more polite (obviously she missed out on the part where the girl should behave more humanely in general).

    The pregnant girl ('cause she's inhumane) starts mouthing off to the old lady to which the old lady then busts a move. She throws a water bottle at the girl who (if nobody is paying attention) is PREGNANT.

    All in all, an unpleasant group of people.

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    Pregnant Woman Gets Her FOURTH DUI

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    Seriously, if you know a pregnant woman, just offer to drive her home and if she's drinking, well, offer to drive her home.

    Nicole VanNeil can't seem to kick the habit of drinking and then driving. Even when she's a pregnant mother-to-be. Only 22, VanNeil got her fourth DUI in 2008 while eight months pregnant. Her other three DUIs were all before she reached the legal age of drinking.

    A video released by the Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office shows a visibly pregnant VanNeil failing miserably at a sobriety test.

    The young woman also refused to give consent for blood and urine tests and when police searched her car, they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia hidden under her seat and the center console.

    VanNeil was ultimately charged with DUI, possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. And she was given a badge that read "Hey Kid, I'm Sorry."

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    Pregnant Woman Beats 6-Year-Old Neighbor

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    Sometimes a mother's love for her kid turns into violence on other people's kids. This is a sad one.

    This was the case for 27-year-old Tiffany Nelson who was furious when she found out her son was being bullied by her 6-year-old neighbor Ian Fauncho. Now before we go on, let's count the age difference here. Twenty one, a twenty one year age difference. Ok.

    Nelson then went over to Fauncho's house and attacked and beat him. She beat up the bully. All while being nine-months pregnant. She nearly knocked out the kid's two front teeth (which, to add to the tragedy of this story, were all he got for Christmas that year) and left him bruised and bleeding from the mouth.

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