The 12 Weirdest Ways Kids Are Getting High Lately

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List of weird ways to get high as reported by strange news stories all over the world. If there’s one thing we’ve all agreed on, it’s that being sober sucks. As Samuel Beckett once said, “taking coffee without brandy is like taking sex without love.” That’s really only tangentially related to this article, but man, what a great quote, huh? Here are some weird new ways kids have been getting high lately.
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    Bath Salts

    What Is It?
    Surprisingly, it's not actual bath salts, so no one's going to be sneaking into Grandma's bathroom in the middle of the night to get a quick fix. Bath Salts are cheap stimulants containing substituted cathinones, mainly available online.

    What's It Do?
    The effects are similar to cocaine or methamphetamine, plus a healthy dose of get-f*cked hallucinations that make you want to just kill the s**t out of everybody – if you're lucky. Like Meth and PCP, there's also a chance you'll start scratching your skin off in order to get the bugs out.

    Sweet Dreams!

    Are We Serious About This?
    Yeah, this stuff will by all accounts, ruin your day.
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    Anafranil (Clomipramine)

    What is it?
    An anti-depressant.

    What's it do?
    For 5% of people, it gives you an orgasm every time you yawn.

     Are We Serious About This?

    No. This doesn't fit on this list at all, and I'm totally irresponsible for including it. I'm just pretty sure that if we could get that 5% number a little higher, Anafranil would blast every other anti-depressant off the market and probably solve all kinds of other problems too, because yawngasms.
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    What is it?
    You download special music tracks off the internet and listen to them to get high.

    What's it do?
    Not a goddamn thing, according to science, but don't tell that to these kids:
    Haha, really?

    Are We Serious About This?
    Go back and read that study I linked: one of the effects of I-Dosing is "auditory hallucinations." Is this really where the current generation is with drug use? Headphone induced audio-hallucinations? Fine, I'm gonna invent a new drug craze right now: I call it "blink-dosing." Close your eyes and rub the palms of your hand really hard on your eyelids. See all those colors? Congratulations, you're a drug user now.

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    What Is It? Spice, aka K2, is basically just synthetic cannabis. It contains many "natural" herbs, such as Canavalia maritime (coastal jack-bean), Nymphaea cerulean (blue Egyptian water lily), Scutellaria nana (dwarf skullcap), Pedicularis densiflora (Indian warrior), Leonotis leonurus (lion's tale), Zornia latifolia (maconha brava), Nelumbo nucifera (lotus), and Leonurus sibiricus (honeyweed). 

    What's It Do? Unlike marijuana's calm, natural high, spice can really mess you up. Many extreme cases have included side effects such as vomiting, increased heart rate, extreme agitation, and psychosis.  

     A woman in Alaska, high on spice, stripped naked and trashed the inside of a Subway chain restaurant. 

    Are We Serious About This?
     Yes. Many teenagers and idiot adults are using this designer drug because they believe it to be "safer" than marijuana. That assumption couldn't be farther from the truth - spice has way harsher side effects, and has none of the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Plus, you might end up acting psychotic, which isn't fun for anyone involved. 
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