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The Absolute Best of the Business Cat Meme

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The greatest Business Cat memes in one list of all the greatest examples of one of the best cat memes on the Internet. Business Cat is a meme that chronicles the exploits of a cat who happens to be in upper management. It started on's /r/pics section, was popularized on Reddit's /r/AdviceAnimals section, and has taken off since then, penetrating Reddit, Tumblr, and our hearts.

What are the best examples of the Business Cat meme? If you've ever been near a cat or held down a job for more than a few days, then you can relate to the Business Cat meme. Business Cat isn't a bad boss, he usually means well, but he will always handle everything like most cats you've ever known would handle an otherwise-human professional situation. Here's the best of the Business Cat meme, in all its punny, cat-loving glory.
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    Business Cat on Interuptions

  2. 8
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    Business Cat on Self Starting

  3. 9
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    Business Cat on Retreats

  4. 10
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    Business Cat on IT

  5. 11
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    Business Cat on Benefits

  6. 12
    Up 62
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    Business Cat on Urgency 2

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